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Wolford Blossom Tights

Oooo and hello Wolford. So I have a few Wolfords to get my legs into, and I was contemplating if I should do another Wolford week, but then I decided not to as there are so many others that I want to get popped on the blog without a Wolford Takeover …

Now that sounds like a good idea now! #WolfordTakeover

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: X-Small

Denier: Around 40-60

Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Price: £28.00

Website: Amazon – Wolford Blossom Lace Tights


My Outfit

So I kept it all lacy and bold with my black lace shirt with my orange skater skirt. I added booties and left my hair down with my fringe back and added studs!

My Deets

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: River Island

Tights: Wolford

Boots: Simmi Shoes


The Review

From The Website: Wolford have created the perfect pair of gorgeous lace black tights in this Blossom design featuring a floral pattern that runs from toe to the top of the thigh. These close net, patterned tights have a flattering finish and a striking look. Finished with a seamless plain brief and a sew-on waistband that features the Wolford logo. Lace tights that are pure luxury and beautifully comfortable to wear, a perfect match to any outfit. 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

  • Approx 20 Denier – are they being for real?!
  • Sew-On Waistband Featuring Wolford Logo
  • Polyamide
  • Sheer
  • Close Net Finish
  • Lace Pattern


The Packaging: The front shows the model wearing them with her gorgeous legs, and the back always gives you a decent lowdown of the hosiery:

“Floral front: The centre of these tights feature a lace pattern that goes up to stay-up height. It makes the legs appear longer and slimmer. The seamless panty section provides extra comfort and does not show through under close-fitting clothing.”

Inside, you will find the quality assurance sticker (always look out for this) and the hosiery neatly folded around cardboard. When you take it out, you will see it slightly shaped to your feet and legs (you can see it ever so slightly), which means these are gonna be a gorgeous fit.


Getting Them On: I have to admit these are a real thick denier, to the point I found it hard to scrunch them and get them over my toes! I managed it in the end as I had to be careful of my anklets not getting caught.

Once I did get them on, this is where you can move them around a little, but only if you don’t mind the toe seam being bent. What I mean is that the model shows the lace being half at the front and wrapped around the side, but that isn’t the case. The lace is a full front panel with the back being plain so your toe seams sit straight across the toes, but if you wanted to move it to how the model wears it, it means your toe seams are gonna be bent!


On The Legs: once they are on and set where I wanted them, they are good as gold!

The feel of them are pretty rough-like which is a first for Wolford, but then again it gives that bold statement effect to them compared to if they smoothed it out at the top. These are a thick knit, but do hug the legs extremely well to the point they don’t move an inch during the day!

The denier is amazing – like I mentioned – for that bold statement look that it has going on.

The quality is great on these; I mean you can’t expect less from Wolford to be honest. They haven’t gotten caught on anything all day, including nails and zips and all sorts which I am impressed with. I can see these being durable and long-lasting as long as you treat them well enough.

The design is a pretty funky one; a little disappointing that I couldn’t wrap it like the model did without moving the toe seams, but either way it’s so cool! The front has the boldness with the back becoming more subtle but still nice enough to give you a lovely leg shape.


The Toes & Ankle: have plenty of wiggle room in them, which is fab! They don’t have any lumpy bumpy extra material around them either which is nice (and what you expect!) and you get to see those toes through the lace!

These aren’t reinforced toes, so you will need to watch long or sharp toenails here to preserve the quality of the tights! Now I was disappointed to see that (as I walked home today instead of driving), I found a nice little toe on my big toe which I was not impressed with at all! They have been fine all day and it’s only when I get home to do my images that I find it has a nice little rip!

Around the ankles, you won’t find any signs of crinkles or the hosiery starting to fall down. You get a straight smooth finish from the toe seams to the waistband with these!


The Waistband & Gusset: has a gorgeous fit like always! It has a slim band (with the branding on it) which sits around the belly button on me (it could differ for others) and then works down into that darker denier netting.

It holds up really well during the day; no rolling down on itself and no moving around on the waist.

The gusset on this is blended in with the hosiery so it isn’t visible. It feels like cotton on this section, but doesn’t really state anywhere to clarify it for you.


My Thoughts?

I think these are pretty awesome! It’s a gorgeous bold statement pair and perfect if you’re looking for leg coverage with a bit of sass added to it.

The quality is decent minus those weird streaks on the thicker denier side, otherwise I think these are adorable!

One thought on “Wolford Blossom Tights

  1. The outfit (with the lace top), the tights and the heels are very elegant ☺️. (the tights look fragile in places, like your feet but the pattern and denier are perfect on you).