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Wolford High Heel Tights

Another little gift sent my way are these Wolfords! I have so many to be getting through, and before it starts to get even more miserable I wanted to rock out some nudes!

I have to say I struggled with my outfit this morning; I didn’t know which skirt to pair with my shirt (as it’s a new one and I haven’t had time to play around with outfit ideas), but I did know that nudes will be my go-to today if I’m doing patterned on top!


The Spec

Colour: Cosmetic

Size: Small

Materials: 87% polyamide, 13% elastane

Denier: 20 (approx)


My Outfit

I ended up going with my cobalt blue pencil skirt and my blue lace up shoes to finish the look. Have to say it loos darn professional! The shirt is boxed and has big ruffle sleeves (which I’m not used to) so I think that’s why I struggled to find something to match it!

I kept my hair up in a ponytail just to add to the professionalism-ness and kept the studs small! I could have added a necklace but didn’t want to go to OTT today!


My Deets

Shirt: Forevere21

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Wolford

Shoes: Zara




The Review

The Packaging: is very different to the normal Wolford packaging you see. I was surprised at first but then saw a small little sticky on the packaging saying ‘Slight imperfections’ – so I suppose that’s why maybe?

The front shows the back of the model’s legs, and the back gives you some information about the hosiery:

Elegant tights with seam and extended heel:

Powdery finish on the legs.

Plaited seam and extended heel.

Slight reinforced toe.

Flat seam at toe.” 


When I got inside, I did find there the label cut out from the tights!


Getting Them On: I have never struggled to match up my seams in my life – is this the slight imperfection to them? One leg was lining up great whilst the other is just doing its own thing no matter how much I try and line up! It just keeps going bent on the thigh – I gave up in the end and just rolled with it to work!


I did use my normal method to get them on, but ended up just pulling them up as I was getting slightly frustrated with them!  PhotoGrid_1505996234687


On The Legs: now please excuse any bent seams because they are driving me up the wall and no matter how much I try to adjust, they fall back into either original bent state!


So can’t say I like the colour; my legs went from colour to pasty-like and well, I can’t say I’m keen on it. It would suit women who are more that skin tone, but then I always try and go for tan to make my legs look nicer! Each to their own hey…



The Toes: they’re covered with a thicker denier and same again with the heel of the foot (these are reinforced slightly by the way!) I love it when stockings have this, but even better when you can get them in a pair of tights! They have plenty of wiggle room, but I don’t think I would be wearing peep toes with them as I prefer sheer toes where you can fully see your nail varnish rather than it thickly covered so it’s hidden.


The heel leads into a design which then becomes a seam – if this was a bolder colour it would have looked stunning and eyes would be fixed! But as it blended in, it’s one of those little hidden gems!



The Waistband: a very slim-line one, but still comfortable. It’s not thick as some can be, but still decent enough and they hold up well throughout the day. mine ended up slightly rolling (I was sitting a lot today) otherwise it stays flat. The elasticity is great in these (Wolford are normally great!)



The Seam: I’m keeping this section short as I don’t want to be a whole section of me slating it! Don’t get me wrong I love the seam (I love seams anyways) but it really drives me crazy when a seam is bent at the back of the legs. I tried so hard, but nothing did it for me! It’s a seam that is bumpy, which means it was added after the hosiery was made – this is I do as it makes it stand out more than a seam that was added when in production.  PhotoGrid_1505994356625


My Thoughts?

I won’t talk about the seam here, but overall I think these are a great pair of hosiery, but the colour didn’t do it for me. I would have preferred for them to be tan or blacks rather than this.

The quality is great; I hardly snagged them and they lasted so well during the day but that seam!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Wolford High Heel Tights

  1. From a spectating point of view, I absolutely love them 🙂
    Ok, perhaps not theee most glamorous colour in the world, but I do love how brilliantly they show the contours of your calves.

  2. You picked the perfect skirt. The colour of the skirt matched the tights very well, to my voyeristic eyes. The seem looks a bit quirky but not unappealing. If you turned up in that outfit, I’d definitely want to look more than twice.