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Wolford Allure Mock Suspender Tights

Woop we are in a pair of Wolfords once again, and their new collection. This is something that I added onto my wishlist as soon as they were released, and I cannot tell you how happy I was when I got them through the post to review.

They are stunning and such an attention grabber (especially with what the model is wearing) so I cannot wait to get them on and get stuck in with the review! 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black/Black

Size: X-Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 53% Polyamide, 39% Polyester, 8% Elastane

Price: from £20.00

Website: Amazon – Wolford Allure Mock Suspender Tights


My Outfit

I was feeling all baggy this morning, and really wasn’t too fussed what I threw on, so I went with my wrap around top layered over my bodycon skirt in red. I added my slingbacks (but I left them at work as they were too big to put into my handbag).

Just note that I wore a bodycon cami top underneath so if you see anything under the skirt, just know it is that and not any underwear on show.

I left my hair down and curly tots (which ended up falling down later during the day) and I added small studs to keep it simple and minimal.

My Deets

Shirt: Republic

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Wolford



The Review

From The Website: These 20 denier fashion tights have a unique mock suspender style. Featuring a sheer mock stocking with a soft knitted waistband. The opaque mock straps travel along the front of the black sheer tights up to the waist, giving the illusion of a garter belt and stockings look. These designer tights also include a gorgeous floral pattern that starts at the mock stocking top at the thigh and travels down to the knee. This mock suspender style adds a daring feature to your outfit. Feel sexy and confident in gorgeous floral pattern tights, you can’t go wrong! 53% Polyamide, 39% Polyester, 8% Elastane

20 Denier
Opaque V Line Brief
Soft Knitted Waistband
Floral Pattern


The Packaging: so imma keep it basic here; the model is at the front wearing the hosiery wearing them in the black/black pair (that I will be reviewing) and the back goes into more detail about the pair along with hosiery care and the sizing guide:

“A sophisticated effect: These sheer, matt tights features a floral pattern from the knee to the thigh, providing a beautiful finish at stay-up height. This faux stocking belt links this park with the knitted, opaque panty section. The knitted waistband is wonderfully soft and ensures a secure fit.”

When you get in, you will find these neatly wrapped around promo card and also with a certificate of quality number (this is always compulsory to know it’s a genuine Wolford brand).

I unraveled these to find they leg and foot shaped, which is gonna be easy peasy to get them on!


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Getting Them On: so hosiery gloves are a must here (if you have silky then go for those) as these are delicate and the last thing you want to do is snag them up! The best thing is that these are subtly shaped to the feet and legs, so just follow the crease down to the bottom and then start rolling up!

I would advise to keep them as straight as you can; this will help when the design starts from the knees turning into the suspender belt bit. I went wonky on my left leg to begin with, but did it in one on my right leg WOO HOO!

Over anklets, you shouldn’t have an issue as long as they aren’t sharp.



On The Legs: these look amazing on the legs, to the point I went seriously snap happy so I had to create a slideshow as I had that many images!

The denier I would say is higher than 20; you’re looking around 30 maybe? But it’s still great and works with the thigh design, so I have no issues. The coverage is great on the legs, which means you don’t get patchy parts if you’ve stretched too much etc.

The feel of them are super soft, smooth and silky I cannot express how nice they are! They have a lovely silky look and finish to them which means your legs are gonna be looking amazing ladies (and gents too!)

The design is to die for! I absolutely think it looks stunning; working from the top down is such a neat idea. I have done a few like that a couple of years back and I thought they look so glam and gorgeous! The suspender belt bit actually looks real good as well; better if it was on nudes so it looks realistic but these are just as great. I made sure mine were covered as I wore these to work but I absolutely loved them.

The floral pattern is one that I think makes the outfit look so much more feminine and romantic; depending on how they are dressed too!

The quality is fantastic I have to say; to the point that I managed to get a snag with a small hole, and didn’t have any hairspray on me to stop it from running. When I got home, I thought I would have a massive run down the leg, but turns out it stayed exactly how it was throughout the day. I was dead chuffed, so you know a snag will stay a snag in these! I was miffed don’t get me wrong, but pleased that I didn’t have to deal with a horrible ladder down the legs!

The fit on the legs is incredible; I was a little scared doing X-Small as I have gained some weight, but these fit like a dream. There had a little stretch in them which is great, so they fit really well. No gapping, no falling down!


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The Toes & Ankle: have enough wiggle room to begin with but then ended up feeling slightly tight during the day. I had to relieve some pressure to stop it from feeling uncomfortable, otherwise I have no other issues. These aren’t reinforced, so long nails will need to be reconsidered when wearing these as you don’t want to make a gaping hole!

However the benefit of that is you can wear sandals and open toe shoes with these!

Around the ankles, these are a smooth sleek finish which is just what everyone wants to see!



The Waistband & Gusset: is one area I never experience issues, especially when it comes to Wolford. They are always comfortable, sit really nicely around the waist and never are too tight (no matter how much you eat throughout the day!)

These sit around my belly button; a nice slim band which doesn’t roll down or squish my tummy at any point.

The band then turns into a darker denier where it then becomes the suspender straps. These are shown at the back and front of the hosiery. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on is that the darker denier section doesn’t have a clean cut point; it’s quite rugged looking. Luckily this is normally never on show thank goodness!




My Thoughts?

I think these are just stunning (as you can tell from the image below is how I feel!)

The quality is always great (minus that snag issue) and the design is just to die for. I am so glad I had the chance to review the pair!


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