Hosiery · Liss Kiss

White Lace Footies by LissKiss

So this one is a different review – all thanks to a follower who gifted me these from my wishlist. I thought I would try something else rather than just nylons.

These sockies are so adorable and can work with many outfits, including pairing with tights!


The Review

It comes in a simple small packet showing the full design through the front and back with very little info about them on it.

Getting them on is super easy and to tie up too. They’re super soft so you shouldn’t have an irritations with these!

You can style these up in various ways – I did it the way it was modelled on Amazon, but I did try (after the pictures were uploaded) just tying around the ankle or doing a massive bow at the front/back of the legs.

One bonus thing about these is that they don’t come undone easily. I thought it wouldn’t hold for long on the legs because they’re super soft, but they did. They held up really well and didn’t really budge.

I think these would look amazing over a pair of sheer black tights to funk it up a little or layering over a pair of socks (if you’re into all that). It would also work with both shoes and trainers – shoes to make it more ditsy and trainers to girl it up.

Snagging won’t be a big problems seeing as it’s all net, you won’t be able to tell. The only way you would is if you made a gaping hole through them!


Overall opinion – you cannot go wrong with these. I couldn’t find any faults with these and they can work with so much. Especially with winter coming up, pairing with tights and then boots or shoes would work perfectly!