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When Red Meets Black

So this morning was a change of outfit to what I had planned for today. I was going to opt for a black lace dress with my sheers and heels, and then realised it was pretty dark for the type of day it is today (BRIGHT GLORIOUS SUNSHINE!)

So I went with a dress which I bought a few months back and have not even worn yet! Sorted!

I went with a simple outfit today just because it’s nice to keep it toned once in a while and a change for the regulars at the bus stop too!  I like the way the outfit is enough for work too – I know I can sometimes go OTT with my outfits now and again, but this is for those who like to throw something on and go (Exactly what I did this morning)!

You can also do flats with these as well – I did this morning walking into work to give it that more laid back look, but heels turn it into a smart look instantly.

The necklace is a bit plain I know (I ended up switching to another torque necklace with chains coming down to jazz it up a bit) but that adds to your outfit. Without a necklace, it will become very plain Jane – unless that is your normal look then I won’t knock it!


My deets for today:

Torque Necklace – Accessorize

Bodycon Dress – Boo Hoo outlet via eBay

Tights – Carabelli 15 Denier Sheers

Shoes – Jeff Bains Patent Court Shoes


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