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What Katie Did Seamed Stockings Teal Glamour

Yep I have my hands on another pair of amazeballs What Katie Did Stockings, and in another amazeballs colour! This gorgeous pair was also gifted from my Amazon Wishlist.

Now as I dressed these quite casual and colourful, I wanted to go the opposite this time and dress them for the office.

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The Spec

Colour: Teal

Size: S-M

Denier: 15

Materials: 74% Polyamide, 14% Elastane, 12% Polypropylene

Price: £10.00

Website: Amazon – What Katie Did Seamed Stockings Teal Glamour

My Outfit

I kept it proper simple with a black dress and black court shoes with this pair, just so they become the statement piece! I added small earrings to complete the look.

My Deets

Dress: H&M 

Stockings: What Katie Did

Heels: Office



The Review

From The Website: Take a look at 1950s fashion and one thing that stands out is the colour: from bright eyeshadow to vibrant dresses. Teal seamed stockings might not have been around in the 1950s, but if they had you can bet woman would have worn them! As far as we’re aware, no other hosiery manufacturer is making nylons with a peacock seam so if you see anyone else wearing them give them a little nod as they’ll be fellow fans of What Katie Did. The welt on these nylons is nice and wide which is more authentic to the 1950s and more more flattering and comfortable on curvier legs.

Brighten up your day with these unique peacock seamed nylons
Classic 15 denier seamed nylons with a translucent champagne leg and peacock teal point heel, seam and welt
74% Polyamide, 14% Elastane, 12% Polypropylene
Deep retro style welt
Made from stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit


The Packaging: I love their packaging. I think it looks adorable and it’s super retro-like too. I like that you can see the stockings at the front of the packaging and the back goes into a little more detail about the brand. You can also find the size at the front too.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around patterned card and folded neatly. This pair has foot and leg shaping to it with amazing bands!


Getting Them On: the same way I got my last pair on; I took my time to get them over my anklets and then get that backseam as straight as I can until I set the band in place. They were super easy to glide on!



On The Legs: that teal is just stunning; I get proper Summer vibes just by looking at these. They are such a sensual pair that allow you to play with colour if you feel like it. I obviously kept mine simple to show you how to dress them to work, but otherwise I would pair up with contrasting colours as well as similar to really show them off.

With the nude, I did some shots where flash was used. This is to show you what they can be like when you’re dancing away in the evening in high light! Although I have to say the nude shade is one that makes my legs look slightly lighter, so I’m not too keen on this. You will see an image where I have a bare leg with one stocking on so you can see the colour difference. It’s not massive, but you can tell and it’s a little annoying that it does shade lighter.

The quality is just great once again; I didn’t have any issues with snagging or ripping in this pair. They had plenty of stretch in them for great leg coverage too.

The fit is exactly the same; stretchy so it can fit most people. I would recommend checking the sizing guide before purchasing so you know for sure if it will fit you.

The feel of them are amazeballs once again; they are smooth and soft to touch on the legs and they don’t irritate either.


The Toes & Ankle: still in those toe rings to test them out under hosiery!

Around the toes I had plenty of wiggle room to them, and there was no pressure added on either. I did find hem to be slightly big at first, but then it was fine once I started to wear them in a little.

Around the feet and ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish. I am loving that sole piece underneath which works it’s magic into the backseam.



The Bands: once again I am working with some amazing bands!  I love that gorgeous thicker denier band, which helps to clasp on well too. This is a slightly different material to the rest of the legs, but it works so well against the nude.

It is pretty stretchy so it can fit your thighs and it holds up so well around the legs too. This is one band where you can stretch it out and it won’t ruin easily!



My Thoughts?

I would certainly recommend this for sure; I love the colour, I liked the fit and the quality for sure.