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Well Magic Nights Plumetis Smoking Pantyhose

And hello new brand! It’s got to be the first I have ever heard of this make, and I am dead excited to try it out! I got this pair sent by ElegantUp, so let’s get cracking!

I wanted to do a little piece about the brand ‘Well’ but can’t seem to find anything online, so let’s just carry on!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size:1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: Leg: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane / Brief: 100% Polyamide

Denier: 20

Price: $19.00

Website: Elegant Up – WELL Magic Nights Plumetis Smoking Pantyhose


My Outfit

I went with my new shirt dress that I bought not long ago, teaming up with slingbacks once again! They were just there in my room and I thought why not!

I left my hair down and kept jewellery to a minimum (for some strange reason) – I don’t think I was feeling it today like I normally do!

My Deets

Dress: New Look

Tights: Well

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

From The Website: Well Magic Nights PLUMETIS SMOKING Fancy Pantyhose

20 Den

Stick with tuxedo effect


Leg: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane – Brief: 100% Polyamide



The Packaging: something different I see. It’s pretty open, and when I say that I mean that you can actually touch and feel the tights; it’s only covered with cardboard on the outside. The front and back is pretty basic I have to say; model at the front with very little info at the back of them.

Once you open the card, you’ll find them wrapped around cardboard (so happy that there isn’t one inserted inside) and off you go!


The Toes: are capped right at the front and the design works from mid toe all the way to the top. These lasted pretty well I must say, but they do feel slightly thinner than they look, so I would take care if you have longer nails. The seams stay put all day too which is always a good thing! I would have to say these can start to feel tight after a while; I had to mess about with them a bit because the more I was pulling my tights up, my toes were feeling the brunt of it!



The Waistband: this is flipping massive! And I mean massive in the sense of length – I actually managed to get these to go just under my bra! I have never seen a brief bit so long before in my life!

You know what this means? It’s gonna roll down and curl inwards and not only that, it’s gonna start to drop downwards! And that is exactly what it did as you can see in the picture below. I can’t say that the elastic is great in these either; it doesn’t feel like it’s being held up right.



On The Legs: okay so scrunch and roll these to help get your line up sorted at the side. One leg went on as easy as anything whereas the other always has to give me jip and just go wonky! I got to say that these aren’t as stretchy as they look; they do cling on so well but they also seem quite short! I had to pull up quite a bit to make sure that they sit exactly where they need to! But the you realise there is no point…


After a while and say a 5 minute walk, you will feel these start to fall down you! The gusset was 2 inches away from the place it needed to be sitting against and it was so uncomfortable. All I can say is hallelujah that I wasn’t wear a short dress or skirt like I normally do! It was so hard rushing around; I had to keep stopping to pull them up every so often!


I did keep taking them down to pull them up again from the ankles, but nothing is working! I cannot tell you how frustrated I was with these!


The design however I do really like. It’s different, and so eye catching! So glad I wore these in the day rather than in the evening as I felt it would have been too dark on the legs. I love that thick line that sits at the side of the leg – you wouldn’t expect it, but I think it just looks amazing!



The Quality: isn’t that bad; but it’s not the greatest for the price you pay. They do feel a little rough and they snag so damn easily too! I managed to catch a few areas, and the worst being on the top brief part! It’s one of those that you get a cheap pair to wear and bin afterwards. I know that sounds harsh, but if you’re looking for something more long term, I don’t think I would be recommending these to anyone!



My Thoughts

If you have short legs (shorter than mine) then these might work better for you. I felt that they were too small. When you move, you hosiery sits in place and that’s that. but with these, I felt like they were pulled up too much to the point you needed to be around 5ft to get into them comfortably. So actual wear during the day – I’m not recommending!

The quality is alright; not what you would expect if you’re paying 19 euros, but then again you’re paying for the uniqueness there more than anything.

Sorry Well, but I certainly won’t be buying into your brand after trialling these out.

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  1. They may not be a top quality item to wear in your opinion, but WOW! they do look rather yummy on your legs Mrs 🙂