Well Hello There

Okay so I keep creating all these platforms and now I have finally found the one!

So being my main spot this is where I’m gonna go crazy with pics! As there’s only so many you can do with instagram, this is gonna be the place to go wild! There will be more pics, in-depth detail, different angels and well.. Me!

Even though I love fashion, big necklaces and tights, this is also gonna be where I get the be me and let others see how I see the world 🌍

So if this isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t be mean and leave horrible comments or how boring it might be, just move swiftly along.

Other than that…. We’re gonna have so much fun!


Soni 🐼 😘 x

One thought on “Well Hello There

  1. Hey Soni,

    Huge fan of your work, and of course you! I just had a question since you’re also aware of all the foot fetishists who are also fans of your work. Do you mind or find it off-putting that some may use your material to ahem…pleasure themselves?


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