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Warm Knit Thigh Highs by Flirt Socks

Ah I love sock reviews – well I mainly love the socks and just talking about them if anything!

Now let me explain in advance as I have around 15 pictures to add to this blog and as I was adding my tags to them, I ended up deleting the ones that I still needed to tag and not the ones I had just done! So I was left with 6 images which I am fuming about!!

I have to apologise to Flirt Socks as they sent me these ages ago and I have only got round to doing the review for them now! I have been so busy with so many collabs, I haven’t had the time to get them all done as speedily as I can!

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Peace & Love


Like the Leggsbeautiful triple band white socks, I am just focusing on the socks rather than the outfit this time around; only because the weather is heating up and there is now way I can walk out in socks like this and make my legs die! I will be wearing them again later in the year to do a proper outfit with it, but in summer it looks weird I gotta say!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: One Size

Price: $9.99

Website: Flirt Socks Warm Knit Thigh High Socks 


The Review

As always, let me begin by stating what you will find on their website:

Super warm and stretchy, these are the best for colder days and relaxing at home with a cup of tea or coffee. Feel comfortable and full of peace and love in our Knit Thigh Highs.

  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Warm Cotton Thigh Highs will fit most shapes and sizes
  • Share your socks on Instagram or Facebook and we will give you 20% off your next purchase 🙂


Packaging??: now these came in a parcel from China just open as they are. There was no card stating anything about them, so you just roll with it I suppose!




Getting Them On: ugh they feel so soft on the legs, I love it! Normally I would pair with hosiery but seeing as I am lounging at home today, I decided to just dance around the house in them instead!


The Toes: have enough wiggle room in them and they don’t crowd your toes at all. If anything, you could wear a pair of hosiery under this and still feel comfortable being in them all day. They are a chunky knit so you wouldn’t expect them to be so fitted.


The Band: is pretty tight when you roll them on, but the one thing I didn’t do is loosen the string which tightens them. I left it how it was so I know that it was going to sit above my knees and not budge. And they didn’t all day. I love how they have these cute little pom poms on the side of them; it does make it more winter-like but it’s still cute regardless.


How They Feel On: very snug and very warm. In summer, I would not be rocking these with hosiery just because my legs would be sweating like mad underneath it all. For winter, yep I so would! I love the chunky knit on these, but I must mention that this look doesn’t suit all legs. I never used to do chunky knits before as it didn’t look right on my legs but now I’m wearing them more, I’m getting used to the idea. If you have chunkier legs, maybe a more finer knit would work better.



Overall Thoughts?

I think these are adorable and just perfect for lounging in if you’re not wearing them out and about. You can even scrunch them all the way down to the ankles and they would still look super cute.

I do like the quality of them as you get what you pay for with these.

Thank you Flirt Socks!!