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Vivi High Heel Pointed Open Toe Strap Sandals

I gotta say I am super blessed to have such amazing followers who wanted to treat me for my birthday. This pair I was super excited about as I haven’t done sandals like this for a while, and I have never done a pointed open toe before. I was against them for a while, but I ended up liking them and wanted a pair to try out!

The Spec

Colour: Nude

Size: UK 5

Materials: Out-sole material TPR ; Insole material PU ; Upper material synthetic

Price: £22.99

Website: Amazon – Vivi Women High Heel Pointed Open Toe Strap Sandals Dress Shoes

The Review

From The Website: Handmade shoes from ViVi are moderately curved, durable and comfortable which inherit the traditional handmade craftsmanship with ergonomic design. These shoes feature a high heel with a comfortable upper design to provide a classic and elegant look for women.

Traditional handmade craftsmanship with ergonomic design
Out-sole material TPR ; Insole material PU ; Upper material synthetic
Outer Material: Synthetic
Closure: Lace-Up
Heel Height: 4.33 inches
Heel Type: Stiletto
Heel height: 4.5″/11.5cm (approx); Platform height: 0.39″ (approx)
Durable TPR sole and comfy cushioned insole that fits your feet to provide stable and comfort for long walk
Easy to match different outfits for any kind of occasions.This design gives you a classic and chic look that never goes out of style

The Packaging: these came in a small sturdy box and wrapped in their own mesh bags. As I got into the bags, I found the company had sent BLACK heel caps! I mean how are my heels black?!

These were not padded out with any tissue under the straps, so as you can see below, they were a little all over the place with no shaping to them.

Getting Them On: I wore these with a pair of ultra thin tights, and my foot slipped in fine. I’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue with bare feet, but I thought I would point that out just so you all know.

Anyways, so the foot goes in and I buckle up to the tightest I can go. I could have easily gone tighter, but I ran out of holes so I will be punching some more in soon so I can wear them how I would like.

I then ended up loosening them slightly as I realised that my anklets were digging into me when I started to walk, so there goes that plan!

On The Feet: I gotta say these are super comfy. The heel height isn’t as high as I would normally go for, which makes a nice change and I do love how my feet don’t hurt at all in these. I felt if I wore them for a good period of time, they would start to hurt or rub, but I had none of that when I was in them.

The toe point I though would look pretty weird, but actually it’s not bad at all once your foot is in and you’re walking in them. The more I looked down, the more I got used to seeing myself in them and I ended up adoring them by the end of the day!

With tights, my feet slipped a little slightly so I will be wearing these again bare foot hoping that it won’t be like that again. To resolve the slipping issue, you can always put in gel pads or suede-like insoles so it gives you some grip. I didn’t to begin with as I wanted to see how I would go in them without all the reinforcements.

The straps you can move about so the cross doesn’t sit at the top of your foot. My perfectionism came out and had to place them where they were symmetrical as possible, but you have the option to move them about as you wish. To be fair, mine ended up moving around a little anyways!

The fit of them are true to size, so I would make sure you measure up before you purchase as these have a small thin strap at the back as a little reinforcement for the ankle strap, and the last thing you want is the heel of your foot poking off the sandals.











My Thoughts?

I gotta say I love the colour, and I certainly love the fit of them. These are a great pair of sandals, that I will be wearing out for sure. The nude colour can match up with anything, and that point gives it a little more than other sandals would. I am so glad to have reviewed this pair and I would certainly recommend them!

2 thoughts on “Vivi High Heel Pointed Open Toe Strap Sandals

  1. Good morning Soni,these beauties are made for your gorgeous feet,would love to hear that lovely sound of your needles!I would like to thank you very much for giving us this beautiful review,wich you did in sheer nudes,what a gorgeous view of your delicious nyloned feet in these killer heels,just awesome Goddess!!!
    Have a lovely Friday gorgeous😉

    Greetz Andre😘