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Well hello new brand – I am super pumped for this one as I have loved their quirky designs for a long time now, and I finally get the chance to review a batch. I wanted to start off with the BEST ONE!

About Virivee

“Virivee designs and makes high quality unique hand-dyed and hand-printed tights and deliver them to all parts of the world. Since its foundation in 2012 it has delivered Virivee products to more than 44 countries.
All patterns are designed by our team in Hungary in the European Union. All items are hand dyed and printed individually in our workshop in Budapest, we do not outsource the manufacturing process. We think that buying handmade products should mean buying quality products, so we use best quality materials so you can use these items for a long time.

All used materials are made in the European Union. We guarantee that our products are 100% toxic-free. We prefer working with materials created by small or locally owned businesses.

The Virivee brand was created by Virag Vig at the end of 2012. First she introduced her tights on Etsy, because she wanted to know if there was a demand for them or not. The first orders were received after merely a day, and the interest never stopped. It was a clear feedback that the product can be popular and it might be worth to start a company. In the beginning of 2013 she started a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the products to the market. The successful 24 days social funding campaign showed that the products would most probably find their own market.

Her own English web store, virivee.com, was started in the summer of 2013.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: White 

Size: 1-2 / Small

Denier: Around 60

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Price: $37,50

Website: Virivee – Panda Tights

My Outfit

I wanted to go casual with this pair, so I teamed up my t-shirt dress with a waist belt, added my white patent docs and added my denim jacket on top.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Jennyfer

Jacket: Zara

Tights: Virivee

Boots: Dr Martens




The Review

From The Website: Hand printed superb quality tights with panda pattern (the pattern is on both sides). Also available in grey.

Best quality material
Matte finish opaque tights
Toxic-free material
Super cute look


The Packaging


On The Legs: How adorable is this pair?! I had to show these off for my birthday blog. I haven’t come across this design before, so you can imagine how happy I actually am that I get to review this pair!

The quality of these are very nice; they are super soft, they hug the legs well and the sizing is great too. These would be quite hard to snag unless you are careless in them. They also have enough stretch for your size without it gapping behind the knee and around the ankle.

These state they are opaque tights, however I will say they are not once you’re in them. The only way you could get these to be opaque is to either go a size or 2 up, or layer a white opaque pair underneath.

These fit really well, however I would go one size up if you’re unsure just so you have enough stretch and it doesn’t become super sheer. The size I picked was perfect for me.

The feel of these are super soft, and really lovely to slip into. You can tell these are a durable pair, and one that won’t irritate or itch your legs when you’re in them.


The Toes & Ankle: these come with slight reinforced toes, before the pandas get to work the rest of the legs. I had plenty of wiggle room in them for my toes to move and not feel cramped. Around the feet and ankles, it was a great fitted finish.



The Waistband & Gusset: I have to say I really did like. The band itself was thick, it was comfortable and it moved with me. I didn’t feel it roll down or over itself at any point and it was super snug to be in. I really did like the band on this pair.

The pandas only work to the top thigh before it becomes plain and boring. Can you imagine panda prints on the tushy? I would love that!

The gusset is pretty much non-existent in this pair; it is just a simple seam running through the middle.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say this is a super cute pair, and it is the first of many to come with the Virivee brand. I am so happy to have given them a review! I would certainly recommend, but maybe wear a pair underneath to get the block opaque colour!

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