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Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare

So I have something very special for you guys this weekend. I decided to do a little collaboration of my own with Vik Kainth! I absolutely love his artwork and I thought to myself, how can I get this promoted so it works for me and him? Yeah there is clothing or phone cases, but still it’s not something that would stand out and be totally unique!


About Vik Kainth 

“Vik Kainth is a London based vastly inspired, freelance graphic designer and digital illustrator with over 10 years of experience. With the vast skills, creativity and artistic vision acquired over the past 10 years, you are guaranteed an original and contemporary finish to any designs you require, whether it be for personal or promotional use, such as Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Vectors, Photo Manipulation or Digital Illustrations. Vik’s inspiration ranges from David Carson, to Cristiano Sequeira, fellow artists, celebrities, comedians, environment and music. Bringing out illustrative influence and vibrant digital media is a specialist area for Vik Kainth.”

  To see his portfolio, please visit the link Vik Kainth Designs


So one of my greatest ideas was to get his design done on a pair of tights instead – making the legs to utter focal point! I asked Vik to create me something that he loved and was one of his favourite pieces for me to get produced.

Now this is where Stop & Stare came in as I knew they could do custom designs, and with a bit of tweaking here and there, it came ALIVE!

I will mention here that I have had to edit some of my pictures to make the colour stand out on the tights. Being tattoo tights, the colour isn’t as rich as you think it would be, but this is where editing comes in to bring out that gorgeous design. I mean if you’ve got a stunning design like this, you need to do what you gotta to make it shine!


My Outfit 

Now this was the hardest part – what the hell do you wear this with? At first I was going to experiment with various colours, but then I realised that it wouldn’t work because the legs wouldn’t be the centre of attention and it would look too ‘busy’. So after chucking my clothes everywhere and unfolding all those tops and skirts, I found doing a black dress with black shoes would be the ultimate. But it couldn’t be any old black dress, it had to be something classy and luxury looking.

This is where my lace skater dress came into play; gorgeous fabric, lace top half and then a lovely full skirt that isn’t too long or too short but enough to make those legs look stunning.

Now the shoes were the hardest part too; do I bring out the colour in them by wearing red or pink or multi coloured shoes? But then just my simple (yet effective) court shoes with a mid-heel came in and just finished off the look.

I left my hair down with this outfit and just added in some small gold hoop earrings to complete the look. I didn’t want to over-bling this!

My Deets:

Dress: New Look

Shoes: Soletrader

Tights: Designed by Vik Kainth and produced by Stop & Stare Co


The Review 

Now I won’t be going major in depth in this review as it’s more about the custom piece I had designed. I will be reviewing another pair of Stop & Stare shortly, so keep an eye out for a more extensive write up 🙂

I’ll start off with the tights out of the packaging – as these are custom it wouldn’t have come with the cardboard front packaging and all that. These were flat folded with a cardboard in-between to stop the print from sticking to one another. It will do that as I left it overnight with the prints touching each other and you did have to tug it apart slightly. It didn’t ruin the design or anything, but it’s something that you do need to be aware of.


Getting them on I had to be careful with the print – I didn’t want to stretch it too much as it would just ruin the look. As these are a thicker denier (to take the print), they didn’t have much give in them – it’s not a problem but it would be if you was taller! I did have to readjust a few times; with these you can either angle them at the side of the legs or sitting at the front.


Tights Focus: I see that these do have sandal toes on them as it does shade slightly different and it is thicker around this area. There is a great band on these; smooth and soft and doesn’t dig in at all and a comfortable fit for all day wear. The denier I would say is around 20-30 by the way it feels and looks. I would be surprised if it was a 15 denier or lower as the quality of the print would differ.


My thoughts here; I love would if the tights could come in different shades of nude; it would change the whole tattoo-look that it gives, but making it more of a tan would totally make the design stand out.


Design Focus: It’s just beautiful. Up close you can see the nitty gritty parts, which I actually love. It just adds to the overall look. Moving further away, I have to say it really does look like 2 gigantic tattoos on my legs. I had so many people at work come up to me and ask when I had them done!!! I love how different they are (in terms of the culture fusion) and the whole look of it. I love that they face one another rather than straight forward or facing away.


One thing I did notice; the way these have been printed on, you have to be careful not to stretch too much as it does affect the design. I did a slight pinch and pull which did make the tights come away from the legs and had to smooth it back down for it to sit properly.

Also another little thing – these shade slightly different when the light hits them (see the image below). They don’t look as pasty  and more of a natural tan colour.



Overall Thoughts?

I have to say next time I wear these, I will have to be in some Indian flat shoes to make it proper authentic or definitely bring out those colours to make it bright and wonderful!

I absolutely love this design and that Stop & Stare managed to pull this off brilliantly – I don’t think I could ever find someone better to produce good quality tights for me!


4 thoughts on “Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare

  1. Well why not…. They’re certainly eye catching, that’s for sure.
    Brilliant detail on the artwork and more than a decent tone of tan showing on the thighs.

    Have to admit I’m happy to see the heels and not flats as you suggested, but, that’s just my taste.

  2. “A picture paints a thousand words”……… Absolutely Vik Kainth gorgeous tights and outfit… Stop & Stare far better than bare… Nude shade suits you well….