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Vienne Milano Isabella Sheer Holdups (Classic Black)

My legs are finally back in Vienne Milano in some of their new-ish styles! It has been some time, and I am super happy to get reviewing their brand again. I am in their ‘Permanent Collection‘ – which means it is there to stay as a classic piece.

If you didn’t know, they are one of my favourites when it comes to holdups. I rate their company because their quality is always spot on, and I have never come across an issue (and I mean NEVER)

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex

Price: $19.95

Website: Vienne Milano – ISABELLA Sheer (Classic Black)

My Outfit

I thought I would dress up my pair with a rose gold mesh playsuit and some open toe platform sandals. I was getting a bit risky as the bands were exposed now and again in this outfit, but then again when I’m out in town I don’t worry about them too much. I paired up some rose gold earrings and went out the door!

My Deets

Playsuit: New Look

Holdups: Vienne Milano

Heels: Shoedazzle



The Review

From The Website: Make a statement in ISABELLA Classic Black Thigh Highs. This sophisticated pair of black thigh highs create a distinguished silhouette for daytime or evening.

15 denier
Silky smooth
Perfect for warm weather outings
Satiny and seamless
Invisible reinforced toe

Origin Italy (Imported)
Category Thigh Highs
Color Black
Other Available Color(s) Nude, Light Brown, Dark Brown
Denier Light (10-20)
Opacity Sheer
Pattern No
Invisible Toe Yes
Band Type Floral Lace
Band Height 3.5 inches
Materials 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex
Occasions Party, Work
Collection Permanent


The Packaging: normally when you receive Vienne Milano holdups, you receive them in the clear plastic packaging with the sticker logo and the model name and size on a white sticker at the bottom. This time they were presented in cardboard packaging showing a model wearing them so you see what they are like on the legs.

When you get in, you will find them in the plastic packaging I was just rambling on about. They are also wrapped around their branded card.

These have foot and leg shaping to them, so all you have to do is follow it down and roll them on!


Getting Them On: I’ll just let the video explain here…


On The Legs: so these are around 15 denier, and let me say they did my legs favours! It worked so well with my outfit, and I absolutely loved it! These can be worn day or night, dressed up or down as it’s a denier that is so versatile and gives you that lovely sheer coverage. There was no ombre effect to them either from the toes to the band!

The quality never lets me down here; I had no rips or snags forming and they have been amazing on the whole time. There was enough stretch in them for me to be able to pull them up higher than they can go and actually stay out without tugging themselves back down or losing grip and just falling.

The fit of them are true to size, and there is no harm going one size up if you need to. You won’t end up with wrinkles around the ankles if you’re worried about that. If anything they will just be stretchier and maybe ever so slightly darker in denier. I would always recommend checking out the sizing guide before purchasing.

The feel of them are super soft and gorgeous on the legs too! They are a semi-matte finish, which means you get a little glide when you’re crossing your legs. They don’t irritate the legs at all either let me just add!


The Toes & Ankle: these have reinforced toes and I cannot tell you how happy I am here! The best part is that they are a smooth reinforcement, so I can wear them with open toe sandals, peep toes etc and show them off. My pair of heels sat where the reinforcement ended so covered it well, but I knew I didn’t have to worry so much when I was out and about if I would end up with rips or holes.

I had plenty of wiggle room in these for my toes to move, and no pressure was added either during the night.

Around the feet, it was a lovely smooth fitted finish with no wrinkles appearing.



The Bands: these are bands that hold up well throughout the day (and night for me here) regardless of what you put them through. They sat well on the thighs; I slightly pulled mine up higher than I was supposed to so they sit in line with my playsuit, and they stayed put the whole time without moving. The double silicone bands really do help keep them in place.

These are slightly thick; just a little thicker than the standard band and I like that about them. It means you get more of that floral goodness to go with the sheer legs.



My Thoughts?

A timeless piece for sure, and one worth recommending! I have to say I love this piece; it’s simple, it can work with ANY outfit you pair with it, and it won’t let you down!