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Vienne Milano Claudia Matte (Neon Yellow) Holdups

This is another brand that I haven’t had my legs in for a while, and when these first came out on the website, I had to get my hands on a pair. You don’t get to see a lot of neon pairs like this, and you know me I like to try anything and everything!!

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The Spec

Colour: Neon Yellow

Size: Small

Denier: 50

Materials: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

Price: $24.95

Website: Vienne Milano – CLAUDIA Matte (Neon Yellow)

My Outfit

I went slightly grunge-like with this pair; I paired up my ripped jumper with my corset belt and I added my white docs to really make it all pop. I would have gone with black boots, but as usual, I am creating statement pieces here!

My Deets

Jumper: Parisian

Belt: H&M

Holdups: Vienne Milano

Boots: Dr Martens




The Review

From The Website: Fabulous, bold, and fun: This neon yellow style makes a bold statement and will add a fluorescent highlight to any look!

  • 50 denier
  • Solid band
  • Incredibly soft finish
  • Velvety Feel
  • An excellent foundation under form-fitting clothing
Origin Italy (Imported)
Category Thigh Highs
Color Neon Yellow
Other Available Color(s) Black, Navy Blue, Violet, Hot Pink, Neon Green
Denier Medium (21-50)
Opacity Matte
Pattern No
Invisible Toe Yes
Band Type Solid
Band Height 2.5 inches
Materials 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
Occasions Party, Play
Collection Signature Spring/Bridal 2020


The Packaging


On The Legs: I am playing with some serious colour here, and I absolutely love it. I wish I had a bright or neon dress or skirt to pair this with to give a true statement piece, but instead I went with black and white to create a grunge look instead. One thing I did notice about this pair, is how it changes it different lighting conditions. In some images, it shows the pair as a lime-green, and others it looks a lot more yellow. I thought I would mention if you’re thinking of buying!

The quality of this pair never fail to amaze me; I love Vienne Milano’s quality as it’s always consistent in each of their pieces and I’ve never had an issue with any pair. It hugs the legs really well, they have a great amount of stretch for your size to them and they don’t snag or rip easily either.

The fit of these are true to size, and they are perfect if you are a duo size too. As I mentioned before, they have a nice amount of stretch to them, so you can sit them as high or low on the thigh as you wish without losing the opaqueness. I had no gapping around the knees or ankles in these.

The feel of them are so soft and they feel amazeballs on. They were super easy and smooth to roll up the legs and not once did they irritate the legs.


The Toes & Ankle: I know it isn’t seen here and I do apologise for this.. These don’t have reinforced toes to them, which is sad but then again as long as you take care of your toenails before you slip them on you should be fine.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move and it did not feel cramped around the feet either. These would be great to wear with open toe sandals or shoes to really show them off.


The Bands: are just great! I sat mine a little lower than usual to really show them off,  but they sat so well without any issues. They come with a double silicone band at the top of the bands, and they don’t irritate the skin in any way either.

I like that these bands are just plain and simple, which works well giving it a solid overall design, compared to a floral lace band.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say these were a favourite; I love how bright and bold this pair is, and I loved shooting in them too! They are a great quality, and they fit so well too. I would certainly recommend a pair if you haven’t given them a go already.


Photo Credit: Rajpal Matharu

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