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Vienne Milano Austria Holdups

Am I privileged or what? I am actually reviewing a pair of Vienne Milano which is special limited edition which isn’t available to purchase yet. So this is a new collab of mine, which I have seen and heard so much about and I am so glad to actually get the chance to review a pair of their hosiery!


About Vienne MilanoLegs are a canvas for color and texture


VienneMilano is the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated exclusively to thigh high stockings. Our products are Made In Italy for women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being sophisticated, playful and seductive in every occasion.

Stockings are a true fashion complement, as they can define the outfit – legs are a canvas for color and texture, thigh highs allow you to use it. Yet VienneMilano is not just about making a fashion statement: by wearing thigh highs, a woman gains a little glamorous secret that provides her personality with an extra boost.


For hosiery and indeed all things fashion, Italy is the world’s capital: the best materials, the finest craftsmanship, and the greatest experience is there. And we want to bring the best to our customers, without compromise or borders. Plus, Italy is forever romantic and oh-so-fabulous!


VienneMilano is made with durable materials, premium yarns, the finest laces and so on.
Only love can last forever, but VienneMilano stockings will last quite a bit longer than ordinary hosiery.

Most importantly, since VienneMilano is a small American business without fancy overhead, our stockings are more affordable than other luxury hosiery brands.


VienneMilano’s story is of a woman who followed her passion for fashion, travel and fine hosiery. It starts with Vienne Brown’s vision of bringing luxurious thigh highs Made In Italy to women in USA. For years, Vienne traveled throughout Europe and Asia, always bringing back a lot of fashion accessories not directly available in North America, such as fine Italian hosiery.

Frustrated by the inability to find a wide variety of luxury hosiery in the USA, Vienne decided to step up to the challenge: leave her comfortable but ultimately pointless corporate job, and put all her efforts into developing VienneMilano. A long period of intense work followed, but one year later, VienneMilano’s first collection was born.


Our beautiful VienneMilano hosiery consists of original designs, never seen before or developed exclusively for our brand. For example, our GIADA (Fall/Winter 2016 Collection) is manufactured using 180-denier thread and is likely one of the warmest thigh-highs ever made. Similarly, all other VienneMilano stockings are weaved from the highest quality threads and fabrics. VIOLA (from our Vintage Collection), for example, is made from a blend of cashmere, silk, and elastane, making it one of VienneMileno’s stand-out pieces. Our focus on quality and craft has created luscious, sensuous stockings that you’ll love to wear.

What’s your style? Some of our VienneMilano stockings are reinterpretations of classic colors and patterns, brought to new life through the use of luxurious and innovative materials and thoughtful design details. Other pieces are more daring, crafted in vibrant fashion colors or forward designs – including our VANNA in Cinnamon Brown, or our sexy ALESSIA in Ebony Black. Whether you’re looking for something understated and sophisticated, or bold and sassy, we believe that VienneMilano has the perfect pair of thigh-high stockings for you.

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Dark Gray

Size: Small

My Outfit

Let’s do a happier monochrome (as I like to call it) working with whites and greys. This is an outfit which can work for formal workwear or a dressy occasion. I paired my holdups with a white long sleeve top tucked into my bodycon floral skirt and added my grey block heel shoes to finish the look!

I kept jewellery small and sweet to let the outfit do the talking.

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Carvela

Holdups: Vienne Milano

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The Review

The Packaging: so when these came, they were in a small padded envelope and as I went in to get out the goodies, it came with a small card and letter! I thought it was such a cute touch to it all, which then made me wanna get into them ASAP!

So as you can see below, you can see right through the packaging which is great as you will know what you’re working with. It took me a while to get these reviewed as I wasn’t too sure how to pair dark grey and wanted to get my outfit right for such a stunning pair of hosiery.

When you get inside (and make sure those hosiery gloves are on and ready too before you do), you will find these wrapped around card, where you can see the foot and leg shaping to the holdups. I love it when companies do this as it makes it so much easier to get them on and lined up as neatly as possible.


Getting Them On: as these are really delicate (around 15-20 denier), I would advise gloves just to make sure that you keep them looking pristine on the legs!

I did my normal scrunch and roll method and used the crease in the legs to help me get them perfectly lined at the back (mainly for the hemline on the band more than anything).

These were fine going over anklets too as long as they aren’t too sharp!


On The Legs: oh my God! I am loving this grey! I am not normally a fan, but DAAYYYUUUMMMMM!!!

So the denier is around 15-20, which means you get a lovely sheer coverage on the legs. They give that real nice finish to the outfit and legs when they’re on. They’re not as dark as I thought they would have been, which is a bonus in my eyes!

The fit of them are perfect – they hug the legs so well and don’t move all day. I loved the way they just caressed the bumps and gaps making it like a second skin feel.

The feel of them are silky soft and so smooth; all you wanna do is just rub your hands up and down them all day. It has a lovely finish on them, which is something that you get with more luxurious hosiery brands.

The colour of them I thought wouldn’t suit my legs … Was I wrong?! They looked so amazing on, and it worked so well with my chosen outfit. I would pair this with a plain black or white outfit as well!


The Toes & Ankle: reinfocements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahey!!! I am so glad for that little strip across the toes right about now! They make all the difference, and in my eyes it gives it a real classy look. There’s something about that strip where it gives that vintage look and feel to the hosiery (as well as being a practical point too!)

There is lots of wiggle room in these, and I mean that as in toes can move and breathe!

Around the ankles, these sit flush against the skin and don’t crinkle or wrinkle down during the day either.


The Band: now this part is my favourite. I love lace bands, and especially when it is such a gorgeous design too in a colour I wouldn’t normally go for!

These have 2 silicone strips inside, which are brilliant! They have so much holding power in them, that:

I actually took them off and got them back on again over 20 times to test out how they would be like. Not once did they lose their grip which is music to my ears!

I normally sit my band quite high up on the leg so it isn’t exposed and these allowed me to do that. You can get some holdups which stop half way because they don’t have enough elasticity in them to pull them up a tad higher. These do have that which I love!



My Thoughts?

When you can, get yourself a pair because I seriously love mine. I think these are brilliant and a pair worth investing in too!

They are an affordable luxury pair, which is great when you want a pair that lasts and doesn’t break the bank doing so.

The quality, look, fit and feel is all there with these! Thank you Vienne Milano!

6 thoughts on “Vienne Milano Austria Holdups

  1. Sweeeeeeet! I think my favorite pic is the one in the middle group, middle on the right with your leg lifted slightly pulling your skirt hem up and showing just a peek of the lace top.

    Did you have any issues with the silicone marking your legs from hugging them so securely?

  2. I have a black and white skirt similar to yours. I need to find some hosiery in a similar color. Those shoes, although ridiculously tall, compliment the colors very well. 🙂