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Vicky’s Nylons French Seamed Stockings

Well hello there new brand! Am I happy to review you or what? I actually have a thing for Vintage Stockings now, and you can all expect some amazing reviews to head your way soon!

This pair was bought from my Amazon Wishlist a while back, and as Christmas is round the corner, I wanted to glam up and wear them around the house (there is nowhere for me to go due to the Tier system and curfews in the UK)

About Vicky’s Nylons

“Real Nylons are becoming a rarity as there are only four manufacturers globally who share the passion to manufacture nylons as they really were!

The original Reading flat-bed knitting machines were manufactured over 60 years ago and are lovingly maintained to produce these high-quality stockings – with not a shred of lycra in sight!

We recently opened Vicky’s Nylons in Germany with a passion to provide the wider European community with the highest of quality nylons which are rarely available today”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Suntan

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £18.06

Website: Amazon – French Seamed Stockings, Suntan with seam

My Outfit

As we are staying home and celebrating, I decided to just go simple (it goes a long way when you’re wearing the right black dress). I wore my bodycon mini dress paired with my peep toe sandals.

My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Stockings: Vicky’s Nylons

Heels: Gifted Via Amazon

The Review

From The Website: RHT Nylons, Suntan Product Description: RHT is an original style of nylon which was around in the 1950’s. This style of nylon was introduced to reduce the likelyhood of a run (otherwise known as a ‘ladder’) in the nylon. With the introduction of a reinforced heel and toe – the RHT was borne! The RHT is produced on the orignal round-knitting machines of the 1950s. The RHT rapidly became a very popular alternative to the more expensive Fully Fashioned Nylon. We have added as classic seam to our RHT which has the effect of making your legs look longer. Made by Vicky’s Nylons exclusively in France A fashion highlight! Product Information: 100% Nylon, 15 Denier

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care going over my anklets to make sure I don’t end up catching them! I also had to pay attention to the backseam, so I could get it lined up all in one go!

On The Legs: I have to say this colour is just stunning. It is a deep tan shade, which is noticeably difference compared to my arms – and I love it! This would look incredible in the summer, however I decided to try them out in winter for the sake of it 🙂

The quality of these are amazeballs; they are nicely made and you can feel (as well as tell) how good they are before you get them on the legs too! They can easily snag yes, however if you take care whilst you’re in them, they will last you a very long time. I found these to stretch just ever so slightly when they were on the legs, which isn’t a bad thing as it enabled me to move.

The fit was spot on, and the sizing was perfect for my legs. These were a proper good fitted finish, however I did appreciate when it did stretch out a tad. It made bending the knees easier as well as sitting. These sat around the top thigh for me, which I love and no tugging was needed to get it there either!

The feel of them are super soft and so silky smooth; I didn’t want to take them off at the end of the day! They don’t irritate the skin at all, and they hardly move either. I find sometimes with vintage hosiery, that it can slightly move on the legs as they are super silky. These didn’t, and I am super glad as I had a backseam to keep as straight as possible today!

I will also state that the backseam on this pair is sewn into the stockings, so you shouldn’t feel it raised on the legs, or leaving any markings when you’ve sat down.

The Toes & Ankle: we are working with a lovely RHT; reinforced heels and toes. This comes in a darker denier, with the backseam starting from the reinforced heel. They have lovely toe caps at the front and back, and the heel reinforcement just caps around the heel on both sides so well. This is something you could expose if you wanted to keep it hidden in your shoes.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move and breathe, and it was a lovely fitted finish around the feet and ankles. I was hoping there wouldn’t be much wrinkling or gapping, and there wasn’t luckily (phew!) – I wouldn’t mind with floaty skirts and dresses, but not with bodycon clothing.

The Bands: now this is a lovely thick welt, which has some serious shine to it! I had to show you an image with the flash on so you can see this is just a gorgeous all-rounder pair. It is doubled up which you can tell, to give it that great reinforcement for the suspender belt to clasp onto. This also does stretch out and pen up to fit your thighs well – sadly it doesn’t return to its original shape, but it’s not a bad thing for next time you’re in them.

My Thoughts?

I have to say I really adore this pair; it is a great tan shade which can work all year round. I also love the quality of this pair, and I am super glad I got to try them out. This is a simple, sophisticated pair that everyone should have in their wardrobe!

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