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Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini

And here comes another bikini which is mega delayed being reviewed, but I am so glad I got round to doing it this time round with the weather being utterly gorgeous!

I managed to wear this in Ibiza so I could finally review it properly (and wear for the whole day!)

The Spec

Colour: Beige / Gold

Size: UK 8

Price: £119.95 / Sale £59.98

Website: UKSwimwear – Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini

The Review

From The Website: This bikini is made from softly shimmering fabric and has striking sequin adornment that will reflect and dazzle in the suns rays. The style will aid maximum tanning and the self tie straps will allow you to adjust the bikini to suit your own body shape.

* Sequin embellishment
* Soft shimmer fabric
* Tie straps
* Lightly padded cups


The Packaging: so this comes in a protective plastic zip bag (handy!) with all the tags (in a different language). I normally like to keep my bikinis in something protective to preserve the life of them; I hate it when beading and sequins start to fall off when it’s not been looked after.


The Top: I cannot express how cute the bikini top is! A proper statement piece for sure I have to say! It’s fully sequined all around the front.

The inside is padded, although these can be removed if you like. I normally leave mine in as a comfort thing.

Note: when you put this for washing, make sure you take the pads out. I left mine in and I had to un-scrunch it all in the cup. It was necessary hard work!

The ties are soft and slightly elasticated; I found that these don’t stretch as much as I thought it would have done. But you have enough to do a small bow behind your neck.

Also the cups can move to however you set under the chest (with that string that sits under. You can either tighten them or make them looser, keep the cups together or leave some spacing in-between.

I normally like to have a little space in-between mine to get that nice chest tan!


The Bottoms: so the bottoms are pretty high; one of the highest I own. At the front they sit just under the belly, but at the back they do sit quite high.

The straps can also be adjusted as well; I sometimes sit my bows waist level, and sometimes just sitting bum level. So it all depends, but you have the option here.

These are really comfortable to be in all day; I didn’t have any issues with it to be honest apart from my tanning oil. So when I wanna tan, I use an enhancer to help speed up the process if I know I’m not gonna have a full day in the sun. As I started to rub it all over, I managed to hit the ties on my bottoms, and then realised that after washing, the oil marks are still there slightly. Most of it had gone, but there is a small stain! I was so annoyed!

Not only that, I normally don’t untie the ties; I put them into wash how it is, and I found that these dried all stiff like and they became really rough. They weren’t the soft elastic when I first got them but really tough.


The Design: I am loving how stunning this is; a proper head turner. I wore mine under a see through cover-up but it still shone through. This is something that you could easily rock under a sheer top on a night out; you don’t have to keep it for the beach. All the sequins stay intact (and this is after washing too)

What I love about it is that it enhances your chest area; not a good thing if you’re looking for something that will hide it.


The Fit: I have to say is true to size. This fit me like a dream with enough room to play around with; allowing me to loosen if I need to or tighten without running out of tie!

The top covered me nicely without having to worry about any side-boob showing and the bottoms certainly covered me fully!



My Thoughts?

I really love this set; it’s a stunning piece which would certainly work in the sun! It really does compliment your skin tone (especially when it’s tanned) and I loved being in it.

The only downside was the wash after I worn it; I wasn’t expecting it but what can you do hey?