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Vera Wang Opaque Control-Top Tights

Now let’s start bringing out the opaques for you all! Even though you can rock sheers in winter, it’s nice to actually get those legs covered from time to time too (and keep them warm whilst you’re at it!)

Now Vera Wang is a new one to me; I never thought she did hosiery until I came across this pair in TKMaxx, so I was certainly intrigued to try them out.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1 / 4’11”-5’6″ / 100-150 lbs

Denier: 90

Price: $16.00 / Sale £3.99

Website: Amazon – Simply Vera Vera Wang Opaque Shaping Tights


My Outfit

I kept it ultra-casual today and went with my polo neck jumper dress in a cable chunky knit along with my Cat boots. I had a lot of errands to do, and it’s now becoming a tad chilly, so I wanted to layer up but still look good!

I left my hair down and just added small earrings. You can always dress these tights up or down; they’re a matte black so anything (and I mean literally anything) would work with these.

My Deets

Jumper: In The Style

Tights: Vera Wang

Boots: Caterpillar




The Review

From The Website: Opaque design with a matte finish, Slimming control top, Stretchy, flexible construction, Hand wash, Imported.


The Packaging: so I was a little miffed the fact that these were open and only wrapped with cardboard. Normally I like my hosiery to be in decent packaging to protect it from getting damaged, but then again I can’t complain if I am getting them on the cheap!

Anyways so the front is really plain and basic; the brand name, what they say and do, and the back only gives you the bare basic information about them.



Getting Inside: so what I really like about this is that these are only wrapped around the cardboard and there is no cardboard inserted inside the tights which is always a bonus! I wouldn’t have minded as much as it’s a thicker denier which can handle any snagging, but it’s just nice, so you can slip right into them!



On The Legs: so you get great coverage on the tops, right from the toe seam all the way to the band! I love how thick they are, yet don’t make your legs look plump. That’s why I normally stay away from opaques as they an make your legs look bigger. Then again I suppose the joy of a matte finish is it stops it from doing that!

So with the flash off, you get some amazing coverage, and with the flash on (or sunlight etc) you get a slight bit of sheerness peeking through. Nothing too major, but perfect for those of you who haven’t removed leg hair! This was perfect for my stubbles that are now appearing slowly!



The Band: really comfortable and does stay up all day. You know the front to the back by the label inside the tights, so you get your control top exactly in place.

However, during the day I found that this starts to roll when you sit a lot, so maybe not a pair to chill in, but a on-the-go type instead.



The Toes: and nice thick coverage around the toes and feet too! I did find that this has slight loose material on either side of the feet, but nothing to really worry about unless you’ve got some serious point to those court shoes!

There is plenty of wiggle room, and they don’t add any pressure to the toes if they are pulled up more than usual.



The Denier & Control Top: what can I say about the denier apart from it’s perfect! If you’re after good leg coverage, then I would certainly suggest these. I love that they’re a matte finish (only bad thing is that fluff will attack your legs all day!), and they just look great with anything you pair it with.

The control top is awesome too – I won’t show you for obvious reasons, but it certainly does the job. It’s one that isn’t too tight on me like you get with some brands (I would pin this down to be on the light-medium side) and it does it well. Under my jumper you can’t really tell, but with bodycon dresses and skirts, you certainly would be able to.

The quality is great too; very fitting on the legs which is what you expect and there are hardly any snags either. I have to say I was being quite rough with them just to see what they’re like and they withstood a lot to be fair, so a durable pair for this winter!



My Thoughts?

For the first time trying them, I think these are pretty decent! I love the fact they are a nice thick denier which actually slim the legs (and do me favours!) and the quality is great too!

The control top is brilliant if you’re after that type of thing ( I prefer them to be honest – gives me more confidence)!

3 thoughts on “Vera Wang Opaque Control-Top Tights

  1. I have a few pairs on these in different colors being wrapped around cardboard have to agree I like my hosiery in a decent package also. I have found the cheaper brands which I can name a few that are wrapped the same way and some brands they put cardboard down one leg don’t care for that either.