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Venezina Enia 20 Tights

So it’s been a while since I have been in a pair, and every time I have been in these it has been amazing so I am looking forward to testing out another pair from the brand.


It’s taken me a while to get back into tights after having a few days off from it all; I have to admit it was hard to get my thinking cap on and create outfits again after lounging around in joggers and jeans the whole time. I am not one to wear tights under them ALL the time (especially if I am at home) but I did struggle to get back into the swing of things. You will probably notice it with my outfit with these nylons; I kept it very basic to be honest.


My Outfit 

Ok so I opted for my midi bodycon dress with these (and I paired up with flatties which I left at work). I haven’t worn this dress in such a long time and thought I should get this out again seeing as Spring is round the corner now.

You can easily add a choker or a really nice necklace to finish the look; I left mine as I normally wear a badge around the neck and I didn’t want to emphasise the bust area any more than I had to – I already had to pin it so I wasn’t revealing too much!

I left my shoes only because I hurt my foot on the weekend and still trying to recover, so being in flats for a while are helping a lot at the moment.

I am really missing my heels though!

My Deets:

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Tights: via eBay



The Review 

Ok let’s get started with the packaging: it shows the model wearing them along with the colour and size at the top. I have to say the model wearing them is what sold it to me; glossy, shiny tights with a subtle pattern to them.

The back of the packaging states the following in multiple languages:

Fancy pantyhose made with the most precious yarns according with the elegant and seductive Veneziana style.

I bought these off eBay so it didn’t have any description to go with them whatsoever! I just fell in love with how they looked.


So getting them out the packaging and having a play is where it gets interesting. As I mentioned before, the design is very subtle with the polka dots being a darker denier standing out. I have to mention here that these are super long in length. So you won’t have to pull these higher than needed.


It doesn’t state anything about a reinforced toe, but you do see it shade differently when on, so it could either be reinforced or sandal toes. It would have been nice if these were reinforced as they would look lovely with long toenails in the summer, but never mind!


“Now you will find throughout this review is doubled up images; I have done some shots with and without flash just to show you the difference when it comes down to lighting. I didn’t have the chance to take shots during the day as I was super busy at work and finished late, so I thought the best thing to do is do a comparison!

I have also done what I call ‘cam play’ where I actually move the camera around with me rather than keep it in one place and I move to create the shot, so you can see it from different angles like are standing in front of me.”


Coming back to the tights, let me talk to you about the waistband. It is pretty comfortable to begin with and really soft too, but during the day I found that it starts to roll on itself and digs into the stomach (depending on how high you wear them). don’t get me wrong it’s ok for short periods of time but for the whole day sitting in them isn’t as comfortable as you think.


The denier and colour is what I love about these tights. I can’t say that it matches my skin tone but very close to it though. I did a comparison with this to show you between normal bedroom light and then with the flash on and it totally changes. You get a more whiter pale look and then with the flash, the skin tone comes through and makes it very nude and sheer. The best part is that you won’t know if you have a snag in these as they are so light!


The feel of them are great too; so soft and silky smooth and that is something that I have always loved with Veneziana hosiery. They don’t lack quality there whatsoever! It’s a smooth finish with a lovey subtle glossy shine to it to make it look more like natural legs.


Seeing this close up below, it shows the structure of how these are made too. Normally I find them going in horizontal lines whereas these look like they are vertical. I also love how the crisscross pattern is so neat and pristine (even with being stretched to the max). I have found that some hosiery do lose that and it starts to look cheap, but the quality is there as you can tell.



Overall Opinion? 

I do quite like these; the look even though it slightly looks like what it did on the model but the design is so cute and unique. It’s the first time I have come across a duo pattern (crisscross and polka dots) and the fact that it’s nude is even better.

I would wear these again with a satin dress to see the type of look it creates as I found this dress has dulled it down slightly.


4 thoughts on “Venezina Enia 20 Tights

  1. Wow! These tanish, sheer, shiny tights are so fabulous! Great job showing the differing angles, and great review, as always!