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Veneziana Rete Red Fishnet Tights

Now I’m gonna be cheeky and just copy majority of the review from my last pair I did in Grey > Veneziana Rete Fishnet Patterned Tights from Dress Your Legs

I know that’s me being cheeky, but I had the same experience once again with these. The only difference is the colour of them – and that’s me being truly honest here!!

The Spec

Colour: Rosso (Classic Bright Red)

Size: 1/2 – Small-Medium

Materials: 79% polyamide, 18% elastane, 3% cotton

Price: €7.95

Website: Dress My Legs – Rete Fishnet Patterned Fashion Tights by Veneziana


My Outfit

So going smart casual this time (well even though I was very similar when I was last in a pair).

I went with my white silk shirt, black ripped jeans and my Timberland boots – because why not?!?!



The Review

On The Website: “uper soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear, these classic fishnet tights will add allure and glamour to any outfit! With a cotton gusset to keep you fresh all day long, they are perfect for a sexy look in the summer or for layering over coloured tights in colder months. Available in a variety of colours to suit every occasion.

Toe: sheer
Gusset: cotton
Finish: matte
Brand: Veneziana
Technology: Dorlastan, the Elastic Fiber
Fabric Content: 79% polyamide, 18% elastane, 3% cotton”


The Packaging: is just how Veneziana always do it. Very clean, to the point with the model wearing the hosiery and a very rich looking package. It’s always either black backgrounds or golds I have noticed. I haven’t come across any other colours yet.

The front of the packaging shows the model with the colour in the top left corner next to the peep hole and the back states the following in various languages:

Fishnet tights with elastane, soft waistband, sheer to waist cotton gusset



Getting Inside: is where the fun begins. They were neatly wrapped around cardboard where the colour of them stood out. Thank god the cardboard wasn’t inside them as it would be a nightmare to get them out.

I used the scrunch and roll to go over my anklets as I didn’t want them catching onto anything and being ripped! Plus it made it easier to line up against the toes and work from there!



Up The Legs: you can stretch these how much you like and they will always revert back to their original state. I tried to make them larger, but it does shrink back and become smaller nets, so you know these have some serious strength behind them!



The Toes: is where I had to be extremely careful! As these are fine nets which doesn’t have that toe section where it’s blocked – they just had the seam line and that was it – the nets had started. Room wise – there is plenty as these are really elasticated so your toes don’t feel cramped in them. Heck mine are just doing their own thing in them!



The Waistband: is just to die for! Very slim, bold and does the job well. they have held up all day without a fuss and that’s without the hold of the jeans on them either. These sat higher so I was testing to see how they last – and they’re fab! if you’re the type to show the band off, these are a set to do it with!!


My Thoughts?

I think the red are banging! However I would have liked these to be more of a whale net instead of micro. I don’t know why but I’m not really feel the smaller net in red. I might have to get myself a pair of red whalenets just to try it out now.


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