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Veneziana Diablo

Ahh back in tights again on this really horrible rainy day, however not that I mind because these are just so frikking cool! I don’t do much with metallic patterns (just because they can be itchy on the skin) but these are super sweet!

At first I thought they were stockings as it only showed the design through the packaging and being in a different language, it was hard to see. But when I got them out… WOOP WOOP!


My Outfit Today

So once again I have gone dark, however I reason is that I am going out after work to meet my best friend (after ages) and wanted to wear something enough to feel dressy. The top half is most casual with my t-shirt bodycon dress and then dressed up with my tribal necklace and my patterned tights. To top it off, I went with the peep toe shoes my follower bought me (review is coming soon) to give it that finishing classy touch. I was going to go for my mesh caged booties, but then I thought after a few drinks, I don’t want to be stumbling around in massive heels!

My Deets:

Dress: Boo Hoo Online

Necklace: H&M

Tights: Via Amazon

Shoes: Via Amazon


The Review

  • The packaging was done perfectly – see through hole at the front to show the design and a brief description at the back. However, as mentioned before I was unsure if these were tights, stockings or holdups as it was not stated on the packaging until they’re opened.
  • I have to talk about the feel here rather than later – they are super soft and I mean super soft. It doesn’t state the denier but you would think it’s around 60 but when they’re on, they look so much more sheer like they’re in their 20-30s. I would like to say they actually feel like the Wolford Pure 50 you know. They are that smooth and the denier is just gorgeous!!! No words can explain how smooth they feel when you run your hands down them – oh wait they’re like a baby’s bottom!!!
  • Now I do have to say that they slightly catch a few times at the top when I was getting them on – stupid me for not wearing hosiery gloves before. But they have been fine all day and no major snags to report here!
  • The design starts from the toes right to the band – there is a pic below for you to see here, perfect if you’re wearing miniskirts, shorts or mini dresses. It can be tricky to line up so I would recommend you do the scrunch and roll to get a near-perfect line up. It worked for me this time around and not much pinching and pulling was needed!
  • I absolutely love the sheer on these. I seriously thought they were gonna be much darker but it really did surprise me when they were on. And it works perfectly with the pattern!!
  • These can be teamed up with a lot of different footwear – I went with heels with this outfit, but I did my Nike Roshe’s into work and it worked really well. Converses would be awesome to pair up with these as well!
  • I think these have reinforced toes – only saying because there is a distinctive line going across the toes. It doesn’t state (once again) on the packaging, but I shall say that they are (fingers crossed!)
  • The only blah comment to make is that when you do run around a lot (like I have been today) you do feel them slip down a tad. The band isn’t too thick but is extremely soft, so something to bear in mind.


Would I recommend? Oh yes I certainly do, and not even because of the pattern, it’s because of how your legs feel in them. They are so comfortable and give your legs a lovely shape as well. Even though they may slip a little, they’re still a lovely pair.


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