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Veneziana Cover 100 – 100D Opaque Tights

Ahhhhh Friday is here and opaques are out once again. I realised I should have done a week’s worth of opaque reviews – never mind hey.

I got to say I hate the cold weather; you got to switch your summer clothes to ones that actually cover you and keep you warm and it’s a pain to try and warm yourself up. I know some people will say that wearing thicker hosiery will help (and I can agree to a certain extent) – but it’s just a damn pain!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 93% polyamide, 7% elastane

Denier: 100

Price: TKMaxx – £4.99 / Dress My Legs – €9.95

Website: Dress My Legs – Cover 100 Den 3D Coloured Opaque Tights by Veneziana


My Outfit

I went very monochrome but added cuteness into this outfit. I wore a basic long sleeve top paired with my skater polka dot skirt. I have to admit this skirt is a tad loose on me, so it doesn’t sit exactly where it should, but it still worked!

I added my ankle boots and added simple pearl earrings. You can keep this dressed down or up depending on the jewellery.

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Simmi Shoes



The Review

From The Website: Incredibly smooth with flawless matte finish, these luxurious 100 Denier opaque tights are made using new 3D technology for superior ‘second skin’ fit and comfort all day long. With all the premium hosiery features and total coverage for your legs, you’ll feel every bit classy and elegant.

Reviewed and approved by Hosiery for Men blog.

Denier: 100
Toe: reinforced
Brief: boxer
Gusset: plain
Finish: matte
Seams: flat
Brand: Veneziana
Technology: Lycra 3D
Fabric Content: 93% polyamide, 7% elastane


The Packaging: so I’m not too sure if this is old packaging or not, but this came in a slimline box when I purchased it from TKMaxx. The front shows the model in the hosiery along with the make, model and the price.

The back states slightly more along with the sizing and care guide:

“100 den 3D tights in microfibre and elastane, sheer to waist, soft waistband, gusset, sandal toe.”



Getting Them On: so there is no front or back to them, so you can get them on either way. I scrunched and rolled up one leg and then pulled with the other to test out the difference (as you do) – both are fine over anklets and I had no problems. To increase the lifespan of them, I would advise to use the scrunch and roll technique rather than pulling so you don’t destroy the yarn.



On The Legs: these are so nice and have the most amazing coverage! One thing I do love is that these have a slight shine when the light reflects off it. They give the most nicest coverage and it will certainly emphasise your legs. I love that these are just so nice and fitted, so under every bend, it sits flush against.


The quality is great, no snags or anything from wearing them all day. They are so damn soft and smooth on the legs too; I couldn’t stop touching them!



The Toes: enough wiggle room and gorgeous toe coverage too. So if you wanted to wear with sandals or peep toes, you can do. Up close you can see your nail varnish colour underneath, which I actually do like, but if you’re conscious I would opt for darker colours to wear so it doesn’t pop through.

What I don’t like is that these have extra floppy materials at the sides, which can be a right pain in some footwear. Luckily it wasn’t an issue in my boots, but you got to remember that this is expected due to the high denier.



The Band: considering this is a thick denier, these stay up so well. I had no issues with them rolling down at any point or digging into me. They just hug you like they’re supposed to and do their job well.

Plenty of elasticity in them too, so you don’t feel they’re squeezing you all day long.



The Cotton Gusset: this does have one (and so it should as well), so for those of you who love going commando, these are perfect. I can’t say that I would (as it’s way too cold for me to), but it’s nice that it is there.



The Denier: is to die for. I love how thick they are but my legs are looking fab in them too. I have always said I am weary of thicker tights, but you do come across some amazing ones that make your legs go from ‘OK’ to ‘GODDAMN GIRL’ – and this I feel is one of them. Not only are they perfect for winter, they are really good for those who are self-conscious, or can’t show much leg or may have some skin issues etc.


The only thing I will mention is that these do catch fluff a lot during the day due to the microfibre side of it. I had to keep dusting myself off from time to time; it’s not a major issue, but something to be mindful of depending on where you’re wearing them to.


My Thoughts?

Apart from the fact that the toes have some extra material and the legs catch dust, these are just amazing, and the fact that I picked them up at a bargain price is even better to be honest.

Dress my legs do also have them on for cheap, so I would grab yourself a pair whilst you can, so not only can you stay warm for winter, but also look fashionable too (they also come in a variety of colours!)

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  1. Another great review well written the one’s am wearing in the little photo besides my name are Pretty Polly luster tights in blue know they come in black and red current if you can find them. Wanted the red but think if you do a web search you can still find the black.