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Veneziana Calze Candy

Leading on from that picture I posted on Instagram, well here you can see exactly what nylons I was wearing today! Now most of you know that stockings are normally reviewed at home, however I decided to man up and wear them to work!

Yep that’s right… I was brave and I did it!

My Outfit Today

I went with my cream wavy crop top with my scuba skirt and nude heels to finish the smart casual look. I did contemplate a Bodycon Skirt however I thought if my skirt rides up or my stockings fall down, I’m screwed! So I played it safe with a knee-length scuba.

My Deets:

Crop Top: New Look

Skirt: River Island

Tights: via Amazon

Shoes: Lasula


The Review

I’ve reviewed a pair of veneziana’s before and they are just on point. So classy, so sophisticated the way they present. Pretty similar to Wolford I suppose. You see the design in the front and then a peep hole at the back to show the shade. They’re normally wrapped around cardboard and packed in plastic.

They’re shaped to your legs so getting them on the right way isn’t gonna be a problem. It also helps with the line against the toes instead of it being bent and blah!

So easy and smooth to roll on, and OK with anklets too! I thought I would have to be extra careful but I gave it a slight tug against them and they’re all good!!

I absolutely love the denier on these – when you look down you can see your legs shade slightly whiter and a tad glossy, but in sunlight and pictures, it actually looks perfect and smoothes the legcompletely. They actually don’t look like my legs hehe!

Now the band is the interesting part to these. This has the slimmest band I’ve ever seen in stockings and I suppose that’s what gives it the wow factor! It’s hard getting the clasps to grip these as they would rather grip the nude part than the band! Got there in the end!! I absolutely love how different they are – simple and elegant. Of I would recommend pairing this with a LBD to sexy it up a bit.

Now it doesn’t state but I think they do have reinforced toes as there is a slight shade difference – you can’t tell on the pictures though! So I’m hoping that’s what it is!!

The feel > like heaven. Just damn smooth that your legs just slip off one another. They feel amazing. Best part is that they’re not glossy and are slightly matte, so having that feel is just the cherry on the cake!!

Any bad point? Only that snagging would be inevitable with these. I haven’t got any but with it being super sheer, these will need to be cared for!

Would I recommend? I’m not gonna even answer that 😉


6 thoughts on “Veneziana Calze Candy

  1. Love these. They are so playful and just look lovely. So pleased you braved them to work Soni. You always mention confidence when blogging about your hosiery choices, and I guess you took some of your own medicine with these. Good quality suspender belt is the key or even an OBG (will leave you working that one out) will ensure your stockings stay where they are supposed to.
    Well done you 😘😘😘

  2. This color is superb! Love the tan and nude color tights! These truely bring out the finer qualities of your legs, adding a touch of class and sophistication! Nicely done!

  3. Just have to say, these stockings look amazing on you. The give you such perfect leg and feet shape. Wish I could see more of these. Thank you for sharing.