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Veneziana Arizona

Seeing as I have had such a manic weekend, I hardly had a chance to do any reviews on the stockings that I have sitting in my little pile!

So I will get cracking on these after work this week as a little catch up. I do apologise for the delay if you have gifted any!

Now onto these gorgeous pair! I haven’t done patterned tights like these for a long while and I thought I would pull them out today seeing as the weather cannot make up its mind! Thank you to my follower who gifted these – and I hope you liked your exclusive!

My Outfit Today

Well once again I am doing black on black as it was the most quickest option for me to do this morning (I woke up late from a sleepless night) and thought it worked. I made the tights my statement piece along with my wild and wonderful crimped hair!

I haven’t worn this dress in a while and well, it just did the job! I was going to wear my new purple shoes with it, but I didn’t want to risk them getting wet!!


So let me begin my review:

  • I love their packaging – even if it was a crappy pair of nylons, they know how to make them look stunning! It’s so simple and minimal but that’s the beauty of it. They were wrapped well in plastic and around the cardboard, so no complaints there.
  • As they are net, they look like two twigs when you see them. That means that they’re gonna cling nicely to them legs! BONUS! I have had some in the past where it was wider and they just looked like a net sack – as you can imagine, I was not impressed.
  • They are so lovely and soft – not a rough net like I imagined them to be. They glide easily on the legs so no need to scrunch and roll unless you really want to. And anklets were not a problem either – although they do peep out of the holes
  • They have a really good waistband on them – haven’t budged all day I must say!
  • Now I’m not too sure about reinforced toes – although when you see the pic they are the dark thicker denier, so I’m gonna put it down as they do have them! (Moan at me later if they rip!)
  • I love the design on them – they stand out so well! I don’t think these are the ones that you try and attempt to blend in with your outfit.
  • I love the way they actually don’t twist around the leg. Most tights like this normally do and it just looks crap, but these have not moved at all since I have got them on.
  • You don’t need to pinch and pull anything into place if you get it right from the start. I didn’t have to do anything once they were on, so bonus there! I know sometimes that you need to just to get the line up right (although some people don’t care but I really do!)
  • With snagging, they are pretty strong. A clip got caught and I managed to wangle it out and even then, you cannot tell where I caught it. Unless you actually make a rip in the design, you won’t notice at all
  • Lots of stares – that’s all I’m gonna say

In all honesty, I haven’t come across a bad point with these and even now, I still don’t think I can and I am looking for something to type as well!


Would I recommend? YES!!!! So please go and buy a pair of these right now and think of me! And if you do, take a selfie and send it me!!!


My Deets:

Bodycon Dress – AX Paris

Tights – via Amazon

Boots – Forever 21


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