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Veneziana Ar Fabiola Opaque Hold-Ups

Round 2 in the double strap suspender holdups. I forgot I bought these pair as well, so I decided to give it a go seeing as I love the Veneziana brand! This time I was just lounging around the house for the day and wanted to dress up!

I know this blog isn’t going to be as good as the Minnie Mouse one…. 🙁

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Denier: 60

Materials: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane 

Price: €12.95

Website: Dress My Legs – Ar Fabiola 60 Denier Opaque Hold-Ups by Veneziana

My Outfit

I went for my white fit and flare skater dress along with black boots (when I did decide to go out). It was kept nice and simple, but it did for the day really. I would certainly wear these to work or a night out.

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Holdups: Veneziana


The Review

From The Website:

“A perfect fusion of innovative design and a classic hosiery piece! These beautiful 60 Denier hold-ups with a mock garter and stockings part and a classy satin welt, are super seductive and are a must for any shopper with the love for eye-catching designs.

Denier: 60

Toe: sandal

Finish: matte

Seams: flat

Brand: Veneziana

Technology: Dorlastan, the Elastic Fiber

Fabric Content: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane”


The Packaging: it’s just like most of the packaging you will see Veneziana do – very rich and elegant looking with the model wearing the hosiery. This only shows their legs instead of an outfit paired with it and at the back, it gives you the lowdown:

Opaque microfibre hold ups with elastane, matt, silicones lace top

Getting Them On: now after I did the Calzedonia, I mastered how to get these on! I made sure that the silicone bands were facing outwards and then did my scrunch and roll up the legs. I wore these higher than I did with the Calzedonia, but that’s personal choice really. I like it when the holdups sit just under my bum (it’s a comfort thing for me).


The Band: are pretty decent. Although they’re not as grippy as the Calzedonia, they still do the job well. you can always use extra adhesive glue if it’s not to your liking. They have a double band underneath, so if you’re pulling as high as I am, they should be alright unless you’ve got really long legs!



The Toesthere is a lot of material around the end of the toes with these, so you have enough room for your toes and long nails. These do conform to your feet after being in your shoes for a while, so it works out alright in the end. This pic below when it has fitted around the foot.




On The Legs: what I did notice that I didn’t see with the Calzedonia is these little white marks at the back of the legs. I have no idea what they are as I had no cream or anything on, and taking them out the packaging there was nothing on them, so it baffled me a little.

I have to admit these aren’t as good as the Calzedonia in terms of opaque. As much as I like sheer opaque, these didn’t really do anything for me. Yes they look nice on, but honestly I prefer Calzedonia better. I suppose the downside is how high I have pulled them up and that’s why they look the way they do.




The Feel & Look: I do love how cute these are and it’s just different overall. These are a good quality and Veneziana normally are, but what I did notice is this weird line going right through the hosiery and it was pretty obvious once you saw it the once. I know some pairs can do this, and I really don’t know why (maybe when it was in production) but it’s super annoying!



My Thoughts?

I love the style, but these are quite cutting it for me this time. I think they would work well wearing them lower down the thigh but for work, it’s not really appropriate. Maybe on a night out, these would work so well or if you’re a wild one with your fashion sense! But for every day wear, I don’t think so.

Maybe keep it for the bedroom – it might work better there instead!

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