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Veneziana Amanda Tights

Check out what I have here?! Another pair of tattoo-like tights all thanks to my follower who has bought me a fair bit recently!

Now this make I have seen a few times before and thought I would add it to the wish list to try them out and see if they’re any good

My Outfit Today

Now I decided to go a bit dark and fluffy-haired with these. I wanted to pair up with a white flowy dress at first with red boots but then I didn’t feel it would work with the dragon added in, so I went the other way with my bodycon polo-neck dress and grey boots to quirk it up a bit. I thought it did the tights a little more justice – not as punky and edgy as I wanted it to be but it worked. WOO!

  • Packaging: I love the way it’s done to look simple yet effective. I have to mention that the colour of the dragon on the tights is not what you’re getting. It’s more skin tone, but I suppose the packaging needs to make the design stand out.
  • Once you get into the packaging, you will see that they are wrapped around the cardboard and they easily glide off it so you don’t need to do anything but hold it and shake it off.
  • When they came off the cardboard, the first thing I noticed was that they are shaped to your legs, which is a good thing as I was about to put the design on my right leg when it should have been on my left.
  • I got them, I saw that they have either reinforced toes or sandal toes on them. Now I might be a tights fanatic but I cannot tell the difference between the two this time round. I hope to god that they are reinforced!!!!!
  • I have to say the design on these are just wow – from the ankles to the thigh. Now I’m not too happy the fact that they blend in with your skin tone rather than stand out, but close up and when you look down, you can see it stand out a little more. I suppose it depends on the lighting too. I just think they are something so different that you don’t see every day.
  • Bonus that you can wear these with short clothing – they’re sheer from toe to waist!!
  • I do like the waistband on these – they stay up well and don’t move at all. Mine are currently sitting around the tummy and haven’t moved all day!
  • I like the fact that they state they are 20 deniers and they seem so much lighter than that. even when you get them on, they feel so much lighter than 20s.


Unfortunately I do have blah points to make about these:

  • You will need to scrunch and roll these for sure – it just slightly grazed over my toes and BAM! SNAG CITY! They are incredibly easy to snag so care and attention really does need to be paid here. However, as they are a skin tone colour, you can’t really see it so it’s not all that bad if they do.
  • I can’t say that these are a smooth denier – when you run your hands over them, you can feel that they are slightly grainy; soft but grainy.
  • I was a little disappointed that the design wasn’t like how it was shown on the packaging. I would have loved it to be how bold and bright it was rather than it blending in. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, but I wanted that to be my statement piece.


Would I recommend these? Well this is a tricky one as I don’t know. I do like this brand because of the uniqueness, however if you’re not going to get what you paid for (in terms of the dragon design), then it would be a no.


My Deets:

Bodycon Dress – Miss Selfridge

Tights – via Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencer


4 thoughts on “Veneziana Amanda Tights

  1. Do like the tanish color, perhaps a little too light, but nice. Were you hoping for a dark outline of the design? Still hopeful to see the dark tan sometime. Pls and thank you.