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Velvet Gold Studded Boots by ShoeFasionista

I swear the British weather cannot make its mind up this year! It turned out to be such a glorious week with a forecast of rain at the end of the week. So instead of being in tights, I opted to do a show review on these babies I have shown off once before in a short insta video!

Thank you to my follower who gifted these – such a cute pair with a slight edge-look to them!


My Outfit

I went with my cowl neck split-sleeve top along with my leggings and my booties adding that statement piece to the look. This top I have had for over a year now and have not worn it once (it still had the damn tags on it!) and I thought if I don’t pull it out now, I will never wear this thing! I have to say it would work well as a short dress for clubbing or something too!

I added a thin subtle necklace just to finish off the look – a short choker type could also work to dress it up for an occasion.

My Deets:

Tunic Top: AX Paris

Leggings: Emilio Cavallini

Necklace: Monsoon / Accessorize

Booties: Via Amazon


The Review

So being the first time I am properly wearing them and not just for a short video clip I will start off with the packaging of them. They came boxed well – padded out and wrapped in individual wrapping to protect the velvet and studs from getting damaged in transit. Although once I did take them out of the packaging, I did find that they had been rubbed against the plastic a lot (you can tell on the boots at the side).

They don’t come with replacement heel caps – BUMMER! But I have some spares lying around so not a major biggie (I keep telling myself that!)

They have a side zip so you’re able to get your foot in easily. I found it easy with tights on and bare feet. However with footies (these are those half sock things) it did make them slightly more harder to get your feet into. Could be due to the thickness of them as well.

They’re pretty easy to walk in too – you have the hidden platform at the front of the boots along with a 14cm heel. I would bear in mind that they are true to size however they do feel slightly tight to begin with. As I wore footies with these, I did feel my feet were crammed but they were fine in the end. So you may want to wear them around the house before you step out in them for a long period of time.

I do love that edgey touch to the boots with the studs at the front. It just adds that extra to your outfit and put against black velvet, it just makes it stand out more. I don’t think silver would have worked as well and would make it look slightly cheaper than gold does.


Overall thought? I think these are totally worth it. I love the way they look, they’re comfortable and they just go! I also love how they kinda make my feet look slightly smaller too due to the roundness at the toes – something to keep in mind here!


One thought on “Velvet Gold Studded Boots by ShoeFasionista

  1. I’d love to live the rest of my life under the sole of your shoe, serving you. It is where I rightfully belong, at the mercy of someone so royal.