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Varsmiss Mesh Bra, Thong & Stocking Set

Another lingerie set is making its way onto the blog. I have to say I do love reviewing sets that are cheaper and from independent sellers; you might come across a gem!

This set was gifted for my birthday a while back from a great follower of mine, and I couldn’t wait to try this whole set out. This was one that I didn’t dress up or go out in.

The Spec For The Basque

Colour: Black

Materials: Unknown

Price: £23.39

Website: Amazon – varsmiss Women See Through Mesh Bra and Thong Set Transparent Sexy Underwear

The Review

From The Website: This 4 Pieces Lingerie Set is perfect choose for Anniversaries, Lingerie party, Valentine’s Day, Honey moon and Bedroom

Package include : bra + panty + garter belt + Thigh High Stockings
Two hook-and-eye back closure,non paded supportive underwire bra
Transparent mesh material cups can show your charming and its underwire will make your chest push up
Occasion:Underwear, Nightwear
Hand wash

The Packaging

Getting It On: this set was super easy to get on and put together. You will need to be careful how you handle it as it is mainly small mesh you are dealing with, which can snag very easily if you’re not careful.

The Front & Back: has this cute gem detail on the bra and the underwear. It adds a little touch which actually transforms it from a plain mesh set to something a little more glam. I do like this set in black, however I can imagine it looking amazing in an emerald green or a dark red.

The quality of this set is not bad to be honest; I felt the bra and knickers were quite nice but one that can snag very easily if you don’t take care. However, I felt the suspender belt could have been a little better. I will get into that a little further down.

I will add here, that the knickers say a size L, however they fit me perfectly. I heard had a scare thinking they were going to be too big but I have a feeling this is Asian sizing, so don’t be alarmed as these fit me perfectly well. Or it could be the wrong label sewn on!

The Front

So the bra front is basically all mesh with underwiring and a lovely lace trim at the top. You can wear modesty pads (or nip covers) if you was to wear and show it under a shirt or top so you’re not exposing too much. I felt secure wearing it; I didn’t feel it was too big or too tight around my jiggly puffs. Overall, it was pretty comfortable! The bra straps are adjustable and easy to move, so you can set in place where you find it most comfortable.

The same goes for the underwear; this was all mesh however I had to black it out a little so I wasn’t exposing too much. There isn’t much else to say here as it’s pretty simple piece.

The Back

Not much to say about the bra at the back; it has a set of 3 hook and eyes so you can fix it onto the most comfortable one for you. Other than that, it’s a simple plain back.

The back of the knickers are all mesh and have full coverage. These completely cover your tushy, so if you’re after a set with full knickers, this is the one to go for. I normally don’t wear them often, but I found these to be pretty comfortable.

The Suspender Straps & Clasps: now I have a love/hate relationship with this belt. I love the simplicity to it, however I wish it was better quality. To get it on, it’s that small hook at the back and it has an adjuster on it so you can make it bigger or shorter in size. I wish they had a clasp belt instead, even if it was a thin one to make it look a little more appealing.

The actual straps can move around on the belt, so you can sit them anywhere you like. This works well, I have to say but once again it looks a little too cheap for me. I love the whole concept of it but it’s just poor quality to me.

The clasps are plastic, which I also have an issue with. I prefer metal as they look on well and stay up better, whereas plastic is a big hit and miss. These did clasp on well to the stockings at the start, but then ended up sliding off near to the end of my shoot.

I sat my suspender belt around my waist – you could always sit it lower or higher to be honest.

The Stockings: I can’t say I am impressed with this pair. Not to be harsh, but these are are cheap and cheerful and snag very easily. If you check out one of the images below, there is a snag shown in them before I have got them on the legs.

This gives a 30 denier coverage on the legs, however this depends on your leg height and width as this can vary.

They do have a fair amount of stretch to them to fit all leg sizes, but I wasn’t too keen on them myself. The lace band was not appropriate for a clasp to be clasped onto; they slide off very easily. Not only that, I discovered there was a big hole in the lace (inner thigh luckily) which I noticed half way through my shoot!

My Thoughts?

Not a bad set I have to say; I felt the stockings and the suspender belt could have been better but I was happy with the bra and knickers. They looked great, they fit well and overall I am happy with it. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re after something that will last you a long time (because this set won’t) but it’s great if you don’t mind short-term wear.

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