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Van Raalte Yellow Net Tights

Trying out something new here; a new brand to the blog and a new colour too. I haven’t done much yellow before, especially in a net form.

Now I do apologise as I hardly have any information regarding this brand and this particular pair. These were gifted by a good friend of mine, and I can say they are super hard to get hold of! I tried to Google them as much as I could, however only stockings appear.

The Spec

Colour: Yellow

Size: Petite (fits 5’0″ – 5’3″)

Denier & Materials : Unknown 

Price & Website: Unknown 

My Outfit

After all that dressing up, I wanted to keep it casual for Friday. I opted for my denim dress, paired with my white plain pumps.

My Deets

Dress: Parisian

Tights: Van Raalte

Pumps: Primark



The Review

The Packaging: now we are going retro with the packaging – and I love it! There isn’t much to them, which is a shame. When you get in, you will find one leg with card inserted into them.

I will say I am super interested with the panel that works front to back…


Getting Them On: so I have to say these were fun to get on. I was trying to make sure that the patterns lines up without going bent (as I HATE THAT WITH A PASSION) and it doesn’t work. These are made pretty bent so there is no way you can get a straight line up.

And then we come to this gusset part… let me tell you that it is not my friend!

Backing it up, I did my scrunch and roll up the legs and then set the in place.



On The Legs: so these are very similar to 100% nylon, to the point there is no stretch at all in them. They are so hard to get symmetrical on either side so you get this flawless look. I have to say they did irritate me, not only visually but the netting actually makes the legs itch slightly during the day.

These aren’t the softest material to be honest, and as cute as they may look, we are not friends. They are a rough net with, so you are better off using a base layer underneath to stop it irritating the legs. The fit of these aren’t that great either; I found they ran quite small for me, to the point the gusset no longer sits against me and started to fall down the legs.

Now looking at the colour; I have to say I do love it. It’s that lovely sunshine yellow which looks amazing against denim and white. But then I have the issue of taking them off… Oh my goodness! I ended up having some yellow dusting come off all over my bedding and floor from the tights. It felt rough, it popped on my fingers and IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!

I also had the issue of my anklets getting stuck in them when I was taking them off. Luckily I didn’t yank them off or anything, but they managed to get tangled in the clasp so I had to gently wiggle them out.

I have to say these are more hassle than they are worth!


The Toes & Ankle: well it doesn’t get any better here… The toes aren’t reinforced and there is a huge amount of pressure added onto the toes once you pull them up to the waist. These are best suited for shorter people… like under 5ft.

To be honest there isn’t many good points to state here, so I’ll just move onto the next section…



The Waistband & Gusset: and boom the worst part of it all! I had the issue of a large waistband.

Now as I pulled these up and tried to set them, I realised there is no elastic in the waistband so it just flops around. Then I had the issue of it falling down constantly because there is nothing holding it up!

Now onto that satin panel – which works front to back. Well it does nothing and if anything makes it so much baggier around the waist downwards. It doesn’t sit flush against the skin in any way…



My Thoughts?

No No No…