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Unbranded White Whalenets

So I’m trying out different fishnet (or in this case whalenet) colours, seeing as I might as well go for it. I wanted to experiment for a while instead of the same old! I don’t really have a spec to give to you all seeing as I got these for 99p off eBay just to trial out.

It’s nice to switch it up from time to time, and get back to how I started blogging in the first place; by buying cheap products and seeing if they’re just as good as something you could get for £9.99!


My Outfit

So for the first time in ages, my face is in this too! I went for my Mickey Mouse hoody along with my blue regular waist jeans and my converses to finish it off. It’s a total casual look.

White nets you have to be careful of, as these can be dressed the wrong way without you even knowing. I always tend to do colours I’m unsure off casual and see if they’re worth dressing smart / formal later down the line.

My Deets

Hoody: Pull & Bear

Jeans: New Look

Tights: eBay

Glasses: Ray Ban



The Review

The Packaging: well put it this way in came on cardboard in a mailing bag and that was it. I forgot to take a pic as I was going out and needed to get this review done before I toddled off.


Getting Them On: is pretty easy. Just make sure your toes are covered with the smaller netting and then you’re good to go really. You can pull these as much as you like without having to worry about over-stretching or ripping.



On The Toes: these do move out of place a little depending on the shoes that you’re wearing with them. Luckily I was in converses so it wasn’t too bad, but with other shoes I noticed that it slowly starting coming off the toes and going underneath instead. But otherwise the section that covers them wear well all day.



The Waistband: is pretty decent. It’s not that well fitted like most bands can be, but it does if you’re layering with them. If I was to wear them as they are, I think I would struggle with them falling down during the day. These sit quite high but if you wanted to wear it lower, you could do so. I left it high up as my hoody is cropped so it gets exposed now and again.



Under The Jeans: these stay put without any hassle at all. You may want to leave some just lightly hanging on the legs – when you pull your jeans up these will be stretched up and out, so leave the jeans to do all the hard work for you. Be mindful that the band may become a little loose when you button up your jeans, but it will settle into place after a while.



The Quality: is actually pretty decent for what you pay. I managed to catch these a few times under my nails and on the table etc. but they have held really well. I even decided to really give them a good old stretch thinking they would rip, but they actually didn’t! I was dead impressed – picking up something so cheap I expected basic quality!



My Thoughts?

I really like these – not a massive fan of whalenet (and especially in white) but these worked really well and the quality is so great for what you pay. I expected a lot of bad points with these, but honestly I didn’t really encounter any which is a bonus.

So if you don’t want to break the bank, then maybe have a look on eBay where it ships from China and give it a go.

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