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Unbranded Vintage Stockings & Ajvani Peep Toes

Now before you scroll on down to see the piccies, I got to forewarn you that being a double review, I went really happy with the pictures!

So let me start off saying a big thank you to my followers who gifted me these items. This is my last but not least pair of vintage stockings (well until I get another pair!) so I had to make it a tad bit special as they are so awesome… And being paired with these simple but stunning peep toe shoes just adds that finishing touch!


My Outfit Today

Ok so I went with something that I wouldn’t wear out (as you can tell) but I wanted to emphasise the bottom half of me instead. I went with my grey bodysuit (as its new and I haven’t worn it yet)! Yes I could have opted for a dress or a skirt with this top, but I rarely do shoots like this and I said to myself:

Sod it and go for it!!


The Unbranded Vintage Stockings

The packaging > now it wasn’t done too greatly but enough to keep the stockings intact and snag-free. It just stated what they were in a plastic wrapper with the stockings folded inside.

Once it was out, I noticed that they were massive for an extra-small – they are longer than my legs when I measured it against them. I was slightly worried at this point thinking ‘I’m gonna drown in them’. But once they were on, they fit perfectly fine on me and hugged my legs nicely too.

It was bit of a mission to get the clips onto it to begin with but after fiddling about, I got them on and in place (well I tried to!). They do sit quite high on the leg, however I wanted them to rather than mid-way down the thigh – only for this outfit mind. Normally I wouldn’t mind if they sat lower.

They have such a lovely soft feel to them and such a shine too. Bear in mind that these can easily snag due to how sheer they are. I managed to get one when I was taking them off right at the top!

They hold up quite well considering they do crease a lot near the ankles and knees. I thought they would start to make their way down and loosen as I move around, but they stayed where they were pretty well.

The band on them is a different feel to the rest of the stockings – it does feel slightly rougher however I suppose that’s so the clasps can hold on to something right?

I love how the toes and the heels are reinforced too – you will see in one of the pics the reinforced bit just peering out a bit. They manage to add a touch of class to them, especially when you wear them with open sandals where it’s on show.


So would I recommend? Well yes if you’re into vintage stockings – I personally do like them but I wouldn’t wear them out and about to be honest. These are a lovely pair that add such a lovely shine to the legs.


Ajvani Peep Toes

The packaging > well the pair came really well packed. They were individually wrapped with stuffing inside to keep the shape and were also padded slightly in the box too. Good job really as the box came slightly damaged in the corners.

Now I hate typing stuff like this – but there was no heel caps at all! I expected some with shoes having such thin stiletto heels on them! This panda is not happy!

They were easy to get your feet in and out of – no wiggling around trying to get your foot in. The buckle is a normal buckle and strap (unlike China how do it the cheat way!).

I can see that the toes don’t go right into the pee toe hole which works out well if you haven’t done your toenails or anything! Normally you do see some that full expose the toe nails, but these don’t unless you push them forward.

They are so comfortable to walk in too – no waddling or walking like a calf unless you’re not used to stiletto heels.

I do have to mention that the back where the heel of your foot sits – it is pretty wide fitting there. I am not sure if that’s how they were made or if being packed in the box shaped them like that so you will notice a gap on either side in the inner foot.

The material is good quality too – normally after wear, they would cut the front of your foot or find discomfort, but with these I haven’t experienced that so I’m impressed. (makes up for the lack of heel cap replacements!)

They also are slightly padded inside – so it’s not just a straight hard sole on them. if you like it extra padded, insoles would be ideal for comfort!

Are there any complaints worth mentioning? Ermmm… not that I have come across so far!


Would I recommend these? Damn straight I would. I think these are so sophisticated and can be dressed in so many ways too – with jeans, dresses, skirts, formal shorts, you name it! I love the way they look on too, and the patent on them just adds that touch of class to it rather than being matte heels.


Now… enjoy ladies and gents 🙂


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