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Unbranded Studded Strap Court Shoes

Now I know I have called these unbranded but if you type into Amazon ‘Studded Shoes’ they will come up with a variety that you can chose from which are very similar to these. (I forgot to save the name of them before they got removed from the list).

If you have the money to spend on quality shoes, shop Valentino. They are exactly the same as these but so much more nicer!

A big thank you to the follower who has gifted me these – he has already gifted so much and keeps adding!

I was going to wear these with tights and a dress today, however when I looked outside the window it looked cold so I opted for a jumper and leggings instead. Now I am officially regretting it as it is pretty warm in the office and wish I just stuck to my original outfit with these! Not making this same mistake again tomorrow that’s for sure!!

So let’s get down to it:

  • They’re super cute and have that chic edgy look to them. It definitely funked out my outfit today.
  • Easy to get on and off and your feet sit comfortable in them. I had a pair similar to these and they killed my little toes. They were a size 6 but were so tight I couldn’t last longer than 2 hours in them – I was not happy! These are different as they are quite spacious and have enough toe-room.
  • A normal buckle fastening strap at the ankle. I went super tight on mine as I’m always nervous that they’re going to fall down or my foot is going to come out of my shoe! But none of that has happened … YET! 😛
  • I love the colour of these – very simple and can pair with almost any colour.
  • It’s true to size – my feet fit perfectly in these. I’m usually a 5.5 – 6 but these are bang on the right size. I suppose it would be different if you have wider feet.
  • You can pair these with trousers, leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses – almost anything and everything. As they don’t have a high heel, they give that chic sassy look.


There’s a few downsides I spotted:

  • Not packaged all that great to be honest – they weren’t wrapped well and had such a flimsy cardboard separating them apart. With this type of patent, I expected them to be wrapped a little better to protect them in transit.
  • As they are patent, please be very careful that you don’t scuff as it’s hard to remove. Nail varnish remover usually does the trick but I would recommend don’t let it get to that stage!
  • As they are a small kitten heel, they can get stuck in pavements easily – that happened to me this morning and I was not impressed. Luckily it was only a small scuff near the cap so I got away lightly!!
  • Not going to lie – your feet do sweat a bit in them if you’re not in tights. So I need to find something to put in these to stop that as I hate it when that happens. (If anyone has any recommendations for this point, please leave a comment below!)


Would I recommend? Yes I would. As mentioned before, as they have that small kitten heel, you can work this with any look and especially with the studs to rough it up a tad. It’s something that a lady should consider having in her wardrobe.


So my deets for today:

Jumper – Vero Moda

Leggings – AX Paris

Shoes – via Amazon