Shoe Reviews

Unbranded Stud Court Shoes

So let me apologise that this review was not done yesterday when I was back at work – I have been so hectic since I have come back, I haven’t had time to fit a review in!

However now that I have a spare moment before it picks up again, I shall bash one out for you guys!!!

I got to say I absolutely love these shoes – they are the most colourful pair I own so far (along with the bright yellow ones I reviewed the other day!)


So let me get reviewing:

  • They came packaged well I must say – in a black box with Chinese writing all over it (because I am so fluent) hehehe and it was kept intact.
  • The shoes were individually wrapped in tissue to protect the patent and also padded out inside to keep the shape of them.
  • I have to say that there were no heel caps with these – so not impressed!!!!
  • I love the fact that they were covered in a clear plastic film all under the shoes to keep them from getting scratched. You will be able to see this on one of the images below.
  • They were easy to get on and off – at first you may need to squeeze your foot in, but it’s fine after that. I suppose you need to stretch the plastic a little.
  • They’re dead comfy to walk in too – I wouldn’t say they are a high heel as I have higher, but for some it would totally work for a night out in town or a date night.
  • You will need to be careful of the stiletto heel as it’s a faux suede and will get ruined if caught in pavement cracks or splashed with alcohol.
  • They can be slightly slippery depending on what ground you are walking on (unless it’s just red carpets for you!) so you may want to spray them with hairspray or sand it down a tad to rough them up a little – you can find more tips on Google.
  • I would say you can easily pair these up with almost any outfit – they’re multi-coloured so those dull outfits you might have sitting in that wardrobe can now come out and be paired up with these! I went with a bright orange shirt and my culottes to make it fun and playful for work, but you can experiment with a range of colours (especially summer is now coming up for some!)


So would I recommend these? Oh god yes, please just get yourself a pair. They are so snazzy and so playful, it just works!!! And you can also get them in different colour combos too!

(You will have to excuse the messy room as we are still unpacking and stuff is everywhere!)