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Unbranded Striped Tights

Now I am so confused by this pair, as I have no idea what type they are, where they’re from, who they’re made by and what’s even inside! So it was hard to pair an outfit to begin with until I got inside and then saw what I was working with.

Another little gift from my follower; they manage to get hold of some amazing hosiery!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 80% nylon, 20% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

Let’s go back to basics with a grey bodcon paired with these statement tights and a pair of black heels (which I ended up leaving in my car!)

I kept jewellery and everything else to a minimum today as it was fairly warm!




The Review

The Packaging: as you can see below, the packaging is very basic; to the point where you don’t actually know what hosiery is inside or what it looks like. I was so intrigued to begin with as I didn’t know what I would be working with until I get inside and get my arm in.

The front and back don’t really state anything about the hosiery to be honest, so this is a pair you get in and get straight on.

As you can see I rolled this up my arm so I can see what type of design was printed on them!


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Getting Them On: now this is where I had some tricky bits. At first I thought they were striped all round, so up I go trying to line up, only to find that there is a block line that sits at the side of your legs! So I had to roll them back down and start again making sure that the line-up sat where it was supposed to.

Over anklets, these are fine and don’t get caught as easily as you think they might. I used hosiery gloves to begin with, and then gave up as they weren’t scrunching right on the gloves (these are quite a thick and heavy pair!)



On The Legs: so on the legs, these are a right statement pair! As they are a dark thick denier, they really do know how to stand out of the crowd!

It’s a denier which would be quite hard to snag to be honest; when they’re on they stay put all day and don’t budge whatsoever. They also feel quite tough and seems like they can withstand a fair bit. I didn’t end up with any snags or runs throughout the day which I am so pleased about!

The fit of them are absolutely amazing; they hug the legs so well and stay put all day long. You don’t have to worry about the design moving around on the legs or anything which I really liked (with bodycons, you can get hosiery that clings to it and moves with the dress or skirt – this is a nightmare!)

Now the feel of them are quite rough they aren’t as smooth as I thought they would be which is a shame to be honest, but not that I am complaining because they have a lot of pros than cons!

The design is something which I didn’t expect. I haven’t come across something like this before. I have done mock suspender and stocking type, but this has 3 different designs all in one pair which I think is super funky. It can work so well with smaller dresses and skirts to create such a fashionable look!


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The Toes & Ankle: around the toes, there is plenty of wiggle room. I thought they would be kinda tight as the denier is quite high, but I was pleasantly surprised. They don’t really have any reinforcements as far as I can see; it’s just toe seams and then straight into the design so you will need to be careful of long / sharp nails to make sure you don’t create any horrible holes!

Oh before I forget to mention, they have that solid line working right down to the toes as well; it has to start somewhere right?

So the ankles I didn’t have an issue with either; they sat firm and flush all day long with no wrinkles in sight!

One thing I did notice is that my anklet somehow made an appearance THROUGH THE TIGHTS!!! Luckily they weren’t caught in them!



The Waistband & Gusset: now let me show you the top design of these tights; I love the netting of them and wish it was like this all the way down the legs! So the band is a slim-line one, which then works into the net design. It stays up well all day and I didn’t have an issues with it in regards to the rolling over itself.

You can get this problem with some netted tights where they just roll so you gotta unwind it all to sit them straight. These weren’t like that, which I am super happy about as it can be a struggle (especially with long fingernails!)




My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are a real funky pair, and I am so glad I got to review them. I just wish I knew the name of it so I can share it with you all who wish to purchase them!

The design is great, the quality amazed me and I think they are super cool!

One thought on “Unbranded Striped Tights

  1. Got to say you have great looking legs wish mine looked that good. Now for the tights they look so hot love them I would even wear those would make a great fashion photo of me wearing my mini skirt and heels.