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Unbranded Strappy Heels

I have to say that I am smiling my pants off right now – these shoes are stunning and I do have a lot of good to say about them too!

I got gifted these babies by a lovely follow who has now become a good friend – going to keep them anonymous for the time being.

Ok ok ok so let’s begin as I’m too too excited to do this review:

  • They have a lovely soft velvet look to them.
  • Packaged really well – hard sturdy box and kept in individual plastic bags so they don’t rub against one another.
  • They have that new shoe smell – not many people like it but I do love it!
  • I love the criss cross look that you can do with these – makes them look so much more girly and not just a big block of shoe!
  • I love the hidden platform in these – you’re not actually standing on the balls of your feet which is always a good thing!
  • They’re so comfortable to walk and stand in – one of the comfiest killer heels I own!!
  • I love the red sole on them – they look like they’re Louboutins but the knock-off version hehe!
  • You can go crazy with what you can pair these with. I would rather say evening attire although in the daytime if you’re going somewhere fancy.


And there were a few cons I came across:

  • The sole is quite slippery – there is no grip whatsoever so I would either go to a shoe place and add a rubber bit just to make it easier so you’re less likely to fall or scratch them up a tad slightly so they have a little bit of grip on smooth surfaces.
  • The clasp was so hard to do to begin with – and there are no instructions either so it took me a while to actually get these tied – doesn’t even state on the page where you buy them what you do! (You can see it in the last 2 pictures below).
  • They can get scratched easily – you may see a few on the shoes so you do need to be careful. I ended up doing it when I was doing a pose with the heels on top of one another! I would advise not to wear these around alcohol!!


Overall I think these are so worth it – and they’re not expensive either!


5 thoughts on “Unbranded Strappy Heels

  1. Hey, great blog!
    Would you be able to put a link to the shoes in your reviews? Especially these as they look so cool.
    You always look amazing BTW!