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Unbranded Strapped Stockings

Now these right here were a sample pair that I purchased from eBay – thought let’s see what they are like!

They did arrive pretty quick so was impressed with that and packaged alright too – clear simple packaging with a picture stating what number sample they were.

I have to admit I had to think about what to pair up with these as a part of me wanted to do my trainers (and I did!) but I thought I shouldn’t and team it up with some heels! I ended up going with some recent ones that were gifted – the unbranded strap killer heels and it worked out perfectly!

  • I love the way the criss cross goes from slim and thickens up as it reaches to the top. It manages to blend the band at the top really well.
  • I have to admit I do like the band at the top – yep they do need to be held up with a belt but they’re so comfy and do actually stay up without a belt for a while.
  • These can be teamed up with any type of footwear as they’re super cute and versatile enough to go with boots, trainers, heels, peep toes, work boots etc!

The only bad thing that you will be able to see in the pics below is that the denier is so patchy and visible it does ruin the look of them. I thought I had done something when I was putting them so I popped my hosiery gloves on and gave it another go and then realised that’s how they were! So if you do see these being sold just beware that they’re not like the ones I’ve got!!


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