Shoe Reviews

Unbranded Strap Sandals

I need to catch up with all my shoes reviews you know! There are so many that I still need to get through but they’re too glam for work (well to be honest I would still wear them) so I gotta get myself to start dressing up again on the weekend!

Now these cuties were gifted by an amazing follower, and as they’re quite toned down to some of the heels I have in my collection, I needed to have a good dress to go with these 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Beige

Size: UK 6

Price & Website: Unknown

The Review

The Packaging: I got rid of the box a while back as I needed it to store away some goodies. But they were boxed up (and the box came through the door intact and not all dented and ripped like most of them tend to).

As you can see, these have their own individual mesh bags they are kept in to protect the upper material. These were also padded inside from the toe section all the way up the the ankle to keep the shaping.

From the images below, you can see what they are like before I got them on to go out. The soles of them are that slippery material (I can’t think of the name of it right now) but I did need to buff these on the pavement a little before I started walking in them to get me some grip (otherwise god knows how many times I would have fallen).

These have a zip back and all the straps are elasticated so I didn’t need to worry about my feet struggling to fit in.

So the heel is a cute little statement to the shoes; they are a lovely metallic gold which came with no marks whatsoever (I despise it when companies send marked shoes out!)


Getting Them On: once I took all the padding out, I unzipped the back and slowly slid my foot in. I did it with ease to be honest; I normally wiggle them around if they are quite tight fitting but these were great!

Behind the zip is a slim flap where you can sit it flat against the back of your ankle so the zip doesn’t catch and slides right back up again.


On The Feet: they are so comfy! I love the heel height as I could class these as a medium heel; I could easily be in these all day long without an issue. I love the colour when they’re on as any colour dress (or outfit) can be work with these and just work.

My toes had enough space and didn’t feel cramped at all (they might look it but they actually aren’t whatsoever).

I did however find my feet starting to slip a little once they started perspiring , so next time I am in them I will need some foot pillows or gel cushions so it stops that little problem. I always find its down to the material they use inside the shoes which doesn’t always agree with your feet and as these are peep toes your feet would naturally slip forwards.

The straps (as I haven’t mentioned anything about them yet) are nice and hugging on the feet, but not so much on the ankles. They are ever so slightly wide (which isn’t a massive issue) but I love it when they are hugging the ankles giving that proper fitted effect.



My Thoughts?

If I can find out the proper name and where they were bought from, I will make sure I update the blog with it as these are so nice and so comfy. I loved being in them for the day and I would recommend these for those who want something different compared. I know I can easily dress these up or down depending on my mood 🙂