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Unbranded Sheer Net Socks

Now let’s switch it up and do some sheer mesh socks with heels. Even though I love fishnets, not many workplaces allow them, so I thought of another alternative that you can rock almost anywhere (with heels or trainers!)

Now these were bought from eBay however the seller has removed the link so I can’t retrieve much info about these as I would like 🙁

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Denier & Materials: Unknown


My Outfit

I wore my cropped patterned top with my midi skater skirt (I normally would wear netting underneath to help oomph the skirt) – but it was too hot to do this. I added my peep slingback heels so I could show the socks off to finish the look.

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: AX Paris

Socks: Unbranded off eBay

Shoes: New Look



The Review


The Packaging: now these came from China, so their packaging was pretty much written in Chinese. So the front and back didn’t have much to it (and to be honest I actually forgot the pattern I bought) so you gotta get in to know…

Once I did get in, I did see these would be baggy as anything on the ankles – which is where we get to play!

As you can see it’s a mesh net design, so you do need to still be careful not to get this caught in anything sharp!


Getting Them On: I didn’t use any gloves this time as I just scrunched and rolled over my anklets. These sit quite high for ankle socks, but they will fall and crinkle after a few minutes.


When They’re On: they look so pretty! Now the only downside is that with my skirt and the socks, they make me look shorter than I am, but let’s move past that quickly!

The fit of them are decent for a ‘one size’ piece; they are baggy as you can see but that’s where you can get creative with them – wear them with heels, flats, trainers etc. It’s a pair that you don’t have to fuss with so much.

The quality of them are decent to be honest; I didn’t catch or rip them when they were on and with care, I can see these lasting.

The design is unique; I picked them as I hadn’t come across something like this before and thought it would be nice to try something different.


The Toes: around the toes they are quite fitted but you do have a little wiggle room in them (this is also dependent on your shoe size – bigger feet might not find them comfortable).

The design works right from the toe seam to the band seam – so peep and open toes can certainly be worn!

These aren’t reinforced so nails need to be smooth!!



My Thoughts?

I thought these were adorable! They are certainly a piece that I would recommend to those are into mesh netted socks. I thought it worked well (despite my size) with the skirt and heels to create a cute look.


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