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Unbranded Sensuous Deep Lace Hold-Ups

Gorgeousness alert! Gorgeousness alert! All thanks to my follower who gifted these *wink*


My Outfit

Seeing as I am at work and wanted to get into the habit of wearing holdups a little more, I decided to pair then with a cowl neck 2-in-1 dress and my patent court shoes to dress them up and dare I say it looks good! I thought it would look too much but I think it’s spot on, especially if you work in an office!

I kept jewellery to a minimum and left my hair down to make it slightly more casual than straight up formal.

My Deets:

Dress: AX Paris

Holdups: Via Amazon

Shoes: Jeff Bains


The Review

Now these came in plastic packaging with no outer packaging stating what they are, what they look like etc, so I had to get them out to see that they were holdups.

Now I risked these by not wearing hosiery gloves to get them on, but I was extra careful and woop! They were fine getting on over anklets and up the legs. My little trick is to fold the silicone band so it’s exposed on the outside and when you come to the top, then fold it back over and use the end of your thumbs to fold out any lace that is under the silicone. It works all the time!

The band is decent to be fair – not as strong as some I have reviewed before, but still good enough. I’ve moved them up and down a few times so far and their hold is still there.

I do love the whole look of them – from 20 denier sheers then the band showing the skin a little more, it’s just lovely. And the work on the lace is just stunning. It’s really nice and thick and good quality too.

I do love the floral art at the side of the legs – it starts from the heel upwards to the band and it doesn’t matter if it stretches or not either as it still looks good.

They do have reinforced toes on them as well – they’re darker and rounded to your toes as well.


Now I have to mention two things about these – snagging and the lines.

I have already managed to snag them on the back of the leg and you can tell that the quality isn’t that good from the band down in all honesty. And how else do I know? Well the noticeable lines running the whole day down which is bugging me. They’re not smooth looking as some sheer deniers (and are pretty rough too) and they do stand out a lot as well, especially in the sunlight.


So would I recommend? Maybe for the bedroom only really. These are such a lovely pair but the quality of them just ruins it for the daytime look. I suppose in the evening you wouldn’t be able to tell as much but you certainly can when you’re out and about. It’s a shame really as they are a beautiful pair.


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