Unbranded Medium Fishnet Tights

I gotta say I am so glad that I did Indian attire with these nets – it makes such a refreshing and unique change to the blog as well as my reviewing. I was nervous weeks ago when I first thought about the idea, but it’s always great when a weird idea comes to life and looks amazing as an end result!

You can find my live review on my YouTube Channel by hitting the link below
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Soni Panda YouTube – 120K Live Review in Indian Attire & Unbranded Fishnet Tights

The Spec

Colour: Hot Pink

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 60

Materials: 98% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Price: £3.97

Website: Amazon – Ladies fishnet tights (medium net 1 pair hot pink)

Images From The Live Review


6 thoughts on “Unbranded Medium Fishnet Tights

  1. Hi Soni! I love your review of those pink, fishnet tights. I love how you teamed it up with the yellow, floral top and long, yellow floral skirt. You look so gorgeous and pretty in that yellow, floral top and long, yellow floral skirt. I love your sexy, long legs and pretty feet in those pink, fishnet tights. They look great on you! Take care. xx

  2. Perfect outfit to accent those pink fishnet tights great review. Keep up with the great reviews I enjoy them all have bought tights and pantyhose after reading a review.

  3. ….. can I just quickly point out that the whole gorgeous outfit matches the room decour perfectly.

    What a wonderful review that was. Yes yes yes, do more like that 👍😍
    Pretty please.