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Unbranded Lace Footies

So we are back to footies after a while; I got these so long ago (talking at the beginning of 2017) but managed to get them on now as the weather is getting a little colder. These certainly would have worked in summer, but you can also rock on top of your nylons in Winter!

I won’t be doing talking about my outfit in this review – gonna keep it more footie focused!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size / Regular

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £4.06

Website: eBay – Womens Girls Skin Shoe Liners Footsies Invisible Lace Socks Sheer fishnet socks


The Review

The Packaging: so it came really basic. Doesn’t state much on the packaging at all, and to be honest I forgot what the look like seeing as I ordered them ages ago!

When you get them out, you’ll see these two cute little sockies that are like the size of your hand. I would say these are more UK 3-7 foot size to be honest.


Getting Them On: okay so you need to be careful not to stretch too much (these don’t have any elastic in them at all) so the last thing you want to do is overstretch and rip the little design at the front! My feet got into these with ease, and they sat well.



On The Feet: these are really comfortable and so cute! I wore these under my gold glitter pumps but you could see the front design peeking through and it totally worked! These stay in place all day (no jigging around at all!) and the lace is comfortable to walk on as well. You can come across some that just press into the skin and it starts to hurt, but with these they aren’t like that. It’s a pretty soft lace!


The Front: the design is very minimal but effective if you’re wearing open shoes (with toes covered). It looks like it’s part of the shoe design. I know there isn’t much going on with them, but they’re perfect as a small addition to jazz up your feet. Or you can always just get them and wear them in trainers or boots!



My Thoughts?

I managed to get mine for slightly cheaper, but these are worth it. They don’t look like much but I would wear these with court shoes again, so it’s not just bare feet but a little something that just adds to your outfit if anything.