Unbranded Glitter Tulle Socks

Back into socks we go, only this time we are doing tulle with glitter and stars! Now I can see this getting messy…

I gotta say I love tulle socks; there’s something about them which allows you to play and create various looks!

The Spec

Colour: Silver

Size: One Size

Style: Ankle High

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Polyester

Price: 93p

Website: eBay – Newest Women Girl Glitter Thin Soft Star Sheer Mesh Tulle Socks Fishnet Hosiery


The Review

From The Website:

100% brand new and high quality

Quantity: 1 Pair

High quality and fashion

Material: Polyester

Type: Medium socks

Length: About 50 cm

Package include: 1 pair socks


The Packaging: so pretty impressed with their packaging – at least they have it in cardboard packaged correctly rather than stuffed into plastic and job done!

Anyways so as you can see, you can see the design and how sheer these are through the packaging. Once you get inside, you find that these are wrapped around card. One thing I will advise is not rushing this as I found the stars were proper stuck to the cardboard, so I had to prise it away slowly!

Once that was done, I decided to check out what the would look like on my arm lol (and the length of course) so you all can see how long these are as on the legs they will just fall into place.

And before I forget, you will need to turn these inside out; I hate it when the seam is on the outside as it looks super weird, so just pinch and roll outwards 🙂


Getting Them On: as these are one size I was dreading what they were gonna be like on the feet. Were they gonna be big? Too much extra material? Too small for the toes? …

When I finally got them on, they were perfect. My feet fit in nicely with no extra material hanging around either side! I pulled them up and then let them slightly fall down, got my jeans on top and then just adjusted them so they look all cute and fluffy-like!


On The Feet: they are so comfy and so cute. I thought the stars (being printed on) would irritate but they actually didn’t at all in my vans. They were super soft and I had no issues whatsoever with them. They fit really well, and as these are baggy at the top, it’s upto you how you wish to style them. I wanted to go casual with mine this time instead of heels.

The net itself is really soft to touch and doesn’t irritate the skin either. Naturally your feet will perspire if you’re in hot weather (or walking a lot), but I encountered no issues wearing these for the day.

The only downside is that this gives off A LOT OF GLITTER – I ended up having glitter come off everywhere possible (yep even in my trainers and on the bed).




My Thoughts?

For what I paid, these are a damn bargain. Maybe not top quality as some brands out there, but I am certainly not complaining if I can get a replica for dirt cheap! I love the way they look, and how adorable they are!

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