Unbranded Diamanté Suspender Tights

Fishnet Friday is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing as I haven’t done it for so long, I truly have missed it. I really do need to get some nets back into my life!

Now these little beauties were gifted by a special someone, so I was dead excited to get into this pair. I admit I tried them on before I did this review just to check them out, and I have been eager since to wear them for a full day at work to see what they’re like!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Denier: Around 40-60

Materials: Unknown

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

I decided to wear my oversized collar dress paired with my perspex heels. I wanted to keep it simple but enough for work. I added studs and left my hair down to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Bench

Tights: Unbranded

Heels: gifted via eBay



The Review

The Packaging: as these are an unbranded pair, the packaging will be plain. And it will also come with the damn card inside one of the legs! It really grates me when they do this, especially with nets as they can get caught if the card doesn’t have smooth edges!

Now the beaut thing about this is that you don’t have to turn them outside in; some pairs like this you need to do so to tuck the extra material around the toes in so it’s not loosely out.


Getting Them On: I had to take extra care, as I noticed that those little gems that are stuck on start to fall off quite easily, so my bedroom floor in one patch is currently covered in diamantés!

I took my time going over anklets as they do get caught in the nets easily (it was a right struggle this morning) and then going up the leg trying not to make all the diamantés fall off. I managed to get them to sit where I wanted and then set the band in place one I was happy.



On The Legs: these do look stunning; quite dark due to the micro net, but I love it as the sparkles brighten it up.

The denier is quite thick, you’re looking 60 denier plus here so these are nice and strong, so pretty hard to snag and rip!

The quality of these are decent, but the diamantés were really poorly put on. You could easily pick them off if you wanted! But putting that aside, the actual tights were decent. There was plenty of stretch in them width and length way 🙂

These do dig into you slightly and do leave markings, so just be mindful wearing these. Now let me mention about crossing legs; they still can be done even though the diamantés are both back and front on these. I thought they would be stabbing your legs all day, but actually they aren’t as bad. They are quite soft and don’t irritate you skin either, so you should be good to be in these all day in the office.

The design and style I do like; you would wear this type of style on a night out really, but I was dying to wear them in the sun instead. The suspender part was comfortable to be in and didn’t feel awkward at all.


The Toes & Ankle: are slightly reinforced with that little strip that covers the nails. Otherwise you do need to take care! There is plenty of wiggle room in these and no pressure is added during the day either.

Around the ankle, there are no creases or any signs of bagginess. One thing I really do like is that the diamantés start from the ankles and work up.

The best way you know when you have a super cheap brand: they start the diamanté work from the feet (yes soles and on top) as they basically don’t care! This is how I know it’s a better manufacturer!


The Waistband: to my surprise was decent. I thought this would have hardly any elasticity in them and would just become loose instantly. But they were the complete opposite; they held up so well throughout the day. They sat nicely on the waist without any signs of them falling down.



My Thoughts?

Overall I have to say these were a lovely pair to be in. They sparkled so well in the day and I have no doubts they would look stunning in the evening. I liked the quality of them as they don’t irritate the skin and they aren’t a pain to be in either.

4 thoughts on “Unbranded Diamanté Suspender Tights

  1. Great looking rhinestone fishnets and on your legs they look fantastic. I myself have one pair of rhinestone fishnets just not the crotchless type can’t remember the brand but they look fantastic on. They fit and feel great on and am wearing mine in my photo next to my name are a coffee shade. I put a pair of glossy sheer pantyhose under them to add comfort plus gave them a fantastic look.

  2. I bet they twinkled merrily all day long on this gorgeous sunny spring day. 😎
    A feast on the eyes for sure.

    Welcome back Fishnet Friday, we missed you terribly 😛☺