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Unbranded Cut-Out Lace Shoes

Thank you to one of my followers who gifted these lovelies. I know I put them as unbranded as I cannot find the original name and it doesn’t state it on the box either.

You can find something very similar to these on amazon if you type in the title above.

So I know I only changed the shows and the top but I’ve got a busy week this weekend so had to get them in this weekend! (Scheduling does come in handy for this reason!)

So let’s get down to it:

  • Packaging – they were OK, not overly impressed with it. They were just wrapped in tissue and DID NOT COME WITH HEEL CAPS! 😡
  • They’re easily to get on and off – you may need to loosen the laces that go over the foot.
  • They are snug on your feet I have to admit – but I wouldn’t recommend to people who have podgy feet as they may struggle to get in and out of them.
  • I like how there is enough to wrap around a few times around the ankle – usually they make them pretty short so you can’t and then struggle to do a bow. But these have enough to go round twice and enough to do a nice bow at the front or back, mine went a bit skewiff on one foot.
  • You can pair these with almost any outfit – the mid heel allows you to play around with outfits and it would still look classy.
  • I went with skinny jeans and a lace cami top for a evening date look – perfect for summer nights coming up.

The only downside is that the left laces on the shoe aren’t as appealing as the right – they do look a little tacky but you can always change these if you can get hold of leather-looking laces.


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