Unbranded Cuban Heel Stockings

I am super nervous about this pair. This doesn’t have a brand attached to it, and they did look super cheap quality on Amazon. I am hoping that they aren’t as bad as they seem but we shall see how we get on!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 20

Materials: Unknown

Price: £4.99


My Outfit

I wore my navy tunic dress with this pair and added court shoes to finish off the look. I wanted to create an office look after some time rather than my usual causal it has been lately!

My Deets

Tunic Dress: French Connection

Stockings: Silver Legs

Shoes: Dune


The Review

From The Website: Turn Heads as you walk past people wanting to look at your seamed stockings. Show your sexy legs off in these Cuban Heel Thigh High Stockings. Silky, super stretch, fine Acrylic and spandex.

Sexy Cuban heel stockings
Ideal for work and nights out
nylon + spandex
Regular Size
Uk Dispatch
Uk Dispatch, Uk Delivery 3-4 Days


The Packaging: well as you can see there is not much to it to be honest. It came super plain I had to refer back to Amazon as to what pair this was – and even then it took me ages to search as they are unbranded!

So what you see below is basically what you get in that slim packaging.


Getting Them On: can I just add that you will need satin hosiery gloves with this pair as they are so rough and really grainy to touch that it might be a mission not to snag these whilst you’re getting them on.

I took some real care getting these on and over my anklets, making sure that they do not touch until I set them and then roll up the legs. It was a right mission this morning to get them on (took me around 10 minutes in total to get the pair on!)


On The Legs: well basically I don’t really have anything great to say about them. I found them to be super cheap in terms of quality and well it doesn’t matter if you take the greatest care in the world, these will still find a way to snag and ruin your whole look.

I won’t even say much about the quality; it’s horrific. Not only do you get loads of unwanted snags, but you get those horrible markings and lines running all over the stockings, and that is something you cannot get rid of!

Basically you get bent seams no matter how much you try and get your placement right; they move throughout the day. They feel rough on the legs and they actually itch. The material isn’t soft at all, and I found that I had to keep rubbing my legs now and again to stop them from itching so much. I didn’t take a back up pair with me to change into, so I was stuck in this pair all day long!

The fit of them can go upto size Large, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they ripped on you whilst getting them on. They are so thin and flimsy, it’s not even worth the time or effort. But I give them credit – they have made this pair pretty stretchy.


The Toes & Ankle: so a good point to this pair is the reinforced toes. They sit like a little cap at the tip of the toes, and then work into the thinner denier from thereon. There is plenty of wiggle room for your toes to move in these. The seam start from the reinforced toe section, and no matter how hard you try, these won’t sit straight especially if you’re walking around all day long! Just bear that in mind!

Around the ankles is a smooth finish


The Bands: so the bands are ok; they fit the thighs no matter what size as they just stretch and adjust. They metal clasps work well on these, so it’s a bonus really (not too sure how plastics are gonna be though).

I sat my pair quite high as my tunic dress was a little short, so I didn’t want the bands peering through anywhere.



My Thoughts?

Yeah just don’t go there.



5 thoughts on “Unbranded Cuban Heel Stockings

  1. The monkey grin on my face, at this moment in time, is perfectly relevant to the total enjoyment in seeing your gorgeous legs in sexy Cuban heel stockings 🐒😉

    Quality might not be up to scratch, but, oh my god… 😍

  2. Hi Soni,your review about these vintage nylons is great,did enjoy reading,but most of all,I really liked those stunning hq pictures of your gorgeous legs and lovely feet in these nylons.Thank you very much for the beautiful upclose photo of your delicious soles and toes in these lovely backseamed nylons,you’re a true Goddess of nylon👣
    Have a nice day and thanks again😉

    Greetz Andre😘