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Ulalaza 8D Shiny Tights

So I am trying out a new brand, which I came across on Amazon. I couldn’t find much information about them however I am looking forward to seeing what these are like on!

I’m not a huge fan of hosiery made in China – as always varies and I don’t really have the best experience. But we shall put those thoughts aside today and try this pair out!

The dress and tights were gifted from my Amazon Wishlist.

The Spec

Colour: Coffee

Size: One Size

Denier: 8

Materials: 90% nylon, 10% spandex

Price: £10.99

Website: Amazon – Women’s Shiny Oil Pantyhose Stockings Tights Socks Ultra Shimmery Shaping Dance Plus Size Footed 70D 60D 100D

My Outfit

I felt like creating a chic outfit today, and something that can be worn for most of the year too. I paired up my floral vintage-inspired dress with some brown platform heels. To oomph the look, I added a waist belt and a matching hat to finish the look. I also did a side pony (after so many years) instead of having my hair down too!

My Deets

Dress: Efofei

Tights: Ulalaza

Heels: Aldo

Belt: Accessorize

Hat: Accessorize

The Review

From The Website: Women’s Shiny Oil Pantyhose Stockings Tights Socks Ultra Shimmery Shaping Dance Plus Size Footed 70D 60D 100D

Shiny Shaping Socks

Trendy style to show leg curve perfectly.Giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance.

Special and modern design makes you more attractive, fashion and chic.

The bottom of the garter is not easy to wear damage, ultra-smooth and durable. Say goodbye to the easily teared and ripped stockings.

Package Content: 1 x Pantyhose Stockings.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: so I had to include these pictures here just so you can see what they are like. The left picture shows it with the flash on, and the right picture has the flash off.

These were super easy to glide up the legs and there was plenty of material to cover the legs well. In fact, I had a little too much but I will get into that further down.

These were fine going over my anklets, as they didn’t catch on at all.

On The Legs: okay so let me start off by explaining what it means by 8 denier to them. What they have done (and I have tried a few pairs where companies have done this before) – they have added a coating somewhere to make it look like it’s 8 denier but actually it’s thicker than that. You wouldn’t think it, however what gives it away is I managed to get a line going across the tights and this is where you can see these aren’t like normal tights you wear. Its the illusion of 8 denier when it’s actually like 15-20.

The quality of this pair is pretty good I have to say. They weren’t as bad as I was expecting them to be. They had plenty of elasticity to them, and these don’t rip or snag easily either. They are pretty durable, which is great if you want them to last you a good while.

The fit of these are ok, and I say ok as I felt they were a tad too long for me. I had a lot of wrinkles around the knees where it decided to bunch up from time to time. No matter how much I pull them up, they naturally fall into place – and the place happens to be my knees. Putting that aside, these have a great amount of stretch to them, which is great to fit slightly larger sizes too. I wouldn’t recommend these for people who go past the Large mark, as I feel there wouldn’t be enough stretch to give good coverage.

The feel of them are gorgeous; they are so silky smooth and really shiny too. I had no issues putting these on and taking them off either. They also don’t irritate the legs, which is great news too. I thought they might be a pain during the day, but not at all.

Now the shine on these are incredible; you get this oily, glossy shine that look stunning. I used flash against it and I have to say it is beautiful. One thing I love about this pair is that you get great leg coverage, it looks barely there and you get this shine too!

I forgot to mention the colour; I absolutely love it. I thought it would be quite dark on the legs, but actually it gives me a lovely tan. It works so well against my skin tone for sure.

The Toes & Ankle: so this part did bug me a lot. I tried to keep the seams just under my toenails, and they kept moving down and sitting where you can see them on the image below. It wasn’t a huge issue as these don’t have reinforced toes to them, but I prefer to have them sitting in a particular place.

Around the toes, there was plenty of material and I had enough wiggle room for my toes. There was no pressure added either – which is always a bonus.

Around the feet and ankles, I had no wrinkles forming at any point (strange as they waned to sit around the knees instead), so you have a lovely smooth finish.

The Waistband & Gusset: now this is where I had some issues. The thick waistband sits quite high up – an that was not me tugging it up either. As they are silky soft and really smooth, they end up rolling down and sitting bunched on the waist. It did annoy me as I felt it during the day, but luckily it was hidden under my dress.

The band itself has a nice amount of elasticity in it, so it holds up well, and doesn’t shimmy down. But the issue is how thick it is and how high it sits that it ends up looking a little deflated around the waist.

Another blah point is these have a double back seam – one thing I really do not like. I get that they cater for all sizes here, so they need to add this on. In all honesty, I felt it was super uncomfortable. I wish they didn’t have this so I would be able to wear them with ease next time.

Apart from all that, they have been fine. These also don’t have a cotton gusset to them, so it is that shiny silky nylon all the way to the bands.

My Thoughts?

I actually quite like this pair, but I found too many flaws with the waistband to be honest. I did love the glossy shine and how great they looked on the legs, but I did get some aggro with how they sat under the dress. Not a bad pair overall, and I would still recommend.

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  1. That delicious shine is everything 😍 The shape and definition of your perfect legs is just an added bonus.

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