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TVRtyle Vintage 10D RHT Silk Stockings

Slipping back into some lovely RHT Stockings. I do miss them after I was in them for a whole week for Valentines. I have to admit I do prefer these type of stockings compared to normal ones that feel like you’re wearing tights; they feel a lot more luxe on the legs and look 10000x better when paired up with some amazing outfits.

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I got this pair gifted off my Amazon Wishlist to review so here goes!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Medium

Denier: 10 

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £11.99

Website: Amazon – Women’s Vintage Thigh High See Through 10D Non-stretch RHT Silk Stocking 928

My Outfit

I was dressing to go out for dinner and drinks today, and what better way to show them off with a maxi skirt with a huge side split. I paired up my satin bralette with it and added some peep toe cross-over shoes to finish off the look. I was going to do court shoes, then barely there sandals but opted for these to look a little classier.

My Deets

Bralet: Zara

Skirt: Off eBay

Stockings: TVRtyle

Heels: IVY London



The Review

From The Website:

Pair of non-stretch vintage silk Stocking, Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT) for durability.
100% nylon silk stockings for elegant glamorous look.
Non stretch fabric which is shiny and perspective
Classic 1950s non-seamed look
Needs to use with garter (NOT included)

Size Chart:
Size M: Suitable to 155-170cm or 5.1″-5.6″ft in Height, Length: 100cm/39.4′ inch
Size L: Suitable to 165-180cm or 5.4″-5.9″ft in Height, Length: 105cm/41.4′ inch
Size XL: Suitable to 170-185cm or 5.6″-6.1″ft in Height, Length: 110cm/43.3′ inch

Colors: Black
Thickness: 10 Denier
100% Nylon
No stretch vintage silk stockings
Reinforced Heel and Toe (RHT)
Size: M, L, XL


The Packaging: I was impressed with how these came packaged. You first see them in this smooth plastic zip lock bag, and when you get in, you see them in their own plastic packaging with a pair of gloves.

To be honest I’m not too keen on the ones they have given; these are ok if you don’t own a good pair, but as I do I would prefer to use them instead of these. They remind me of the ones you get in box hair colours!


Getting Them On: so I didn’t use any gloves to get these on, however if you’re not too comfortable doing it bare handed, then please do use gloves to prevent any damage.


On The Legs: well I will say that I used a mix of flash and natural lighting to show you how amazing this can look with and without. The flash gives it that lovely shine but nothing that blinds you which is a good thing. It’s a lovely subtle shine that they have going on and I love that about them.

The quality of them are impressive; I wasn’t too sure how these were gonna be, but I did enjoy being in them as had no issues being in them. I did not end up with any snags or rips so I was super happy by the end of the night that these lasted!

The fit of them – I went one size up on these as I don’t think Small was available, but I am glad as these did fit me pretty well. I feel that Small would have been a tight squeeze into them, especially on the thighs. I will say that these did give me wrinkles around the knees and ankles, but it wasn’t an issue as I didn’t mind the. It added a little something to my simple outfit. These gave a fine encasing on the legs, and it looked amazing I have to say. I do like my fitted looks don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I like a change…

The feel of them are so soft and super silky to touch. These have your legs gliding off one another and they feel amazing to be in.


The Toes & Ankle: so these state that they are RHT – which means reinforced heel and toe. However these do not have reinforced heels to them – there is no sign of it at all on the feet. However these do have reinforced toes, which you can see that works across the front and back of the toes.

I had plenty of wiggle room in them for my toes to move freely, and without adding any pressure on them during the evening.

Around the feet and ankles, these do wrinkle slightly from time to time due to the nature of the materials. They’re not huge wrinkle sections but something to note if you’re  not a fan of them – I don’t mind them really.



The Bands: as these are a bigger size than I would normally go for, these are a little long on the legs, which means I could sit the band as high as I wanted to. It had to stop at some point under the tushy, which meant that I will end up with some wrinkles around the legs. It’s no biggie at all, but this is why sizing is important if you are trying to prevent wrinkles from occurring.

These have a lovely thick denier band to them; you’re looking around 40+ here and it looks amazing contrasting against the legs. These are doubled up so you get that reinforcement to them, and the clasps can grip on easily. I always tend to use metal as it holds on better than plastic sometimes.

These do stretch out to your thigh size, so don’t worry if it feel a little tight at first. These fit me well to begin with, but did open up slightly when I sat down for long periods, so I know they won’t be an issue next time I get into them.

I normally don’t tend to show my band, but as I had a small slip underneath my black skirt, I made sure this sat half way on the bands so it didn’t look too obvious.



My Thoughts?

I really enjoyed being in this pair, and I would certainly recommend these. I felt they were great quality, looked amazing on the legs and can be dressed up or down. These are perfect for those who would like a pair of RHT (minus the H) but don’t want to break the bank.