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Trasparenze Strip-Panty Suspender

Bring on the suspender tights! These have got to my one of my favourite styles to wear from time to time. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a pair and the last was the Fiore Amour Suspender Tights in black, so doing a pair in Trasparenze and in nude is gonna be awesome! By the way, the colour is Playa!  😘

Thank you UKTights for this gorgeous pair of Trasparenze Strip-Panty Suspender Tights!


My Outfit

I kept it office mode today by pairing up with my off-the-shoulder top, bodycon skirt and a pop of colour with my plum shoes. I added a white long sleeveless waistcoat to just finalise the outfit from looking smart casual to a professional chick!

T add that professional touch, type your hair up or keep it down an straight.  I left my loose and bedhair just to tone it down a tad. Now the shoes is an area where you can go crazy and add any colour you like. I went from grey to purple to blue to khaki and then settled for plum as I haven’t worn these in a while.

My Deets:

Top: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: via UKTights

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon


The Review

They’ve Arrived: And in perfect condition too! I normally receive some tights through the post which come half damaged so you have to smoothen the packaging out to get a decent picture. The packaging of the hosiery is quite nice actually – monochrome at the front but shows the model wearing the suspender tights at the front. It’s not a normally ‘leggy’ picture as I like to call it, but still really nice. It shows they’re sexy but in a playful way. I know some models wear them in a more risqué or bedroom manner, but when I saw these, I didn’t instantly think ‘Oh these are for the bedroom and something for only my hubby to see’; I thought these are something I can actually wear day-to-day and still feel good!


Let me add a little lowdown about these taken from the UKTights website itself:

*15 denier 

* Suspender tights 

* Sexy and sassy 

* 85% Polyamide 

* 15% Elastane 

Sexy and sassy with the feminine look in mind these wonderful suspender tights from Trasparenze are just what is needed when you want the look of suspenders but you don’t want the issues that come with suspender belts! The comfort and ease of wear is incredible. These 15 denier strip-panty tights are great for both day and evening wear. 

Now I added this because it doesn’t tell you all at the back of the packaging I must admit. I think the focal point was more on the shade of the tights, the materials and the washing instructions judging by the minimalistic look of the back.

Out Of The Packet: now this is where the real review begins. I have to admit I have worn these once before when I was coming back from Birmingham but didn’t take any pictures of the legs or how they looked straight out the packet. But what I can tell you is that they are certainly shaped to the legs for a more snug hugging fit. The colour I can’t say matches my legs but close enough though. It gives it a lovely finish in normal lighting, but when the sun (or my camera flash) hits it that is when the real fun begins; they just glisten! I couldn’t give a good review when I first wore them as the day was really dull so my legs just looked ‘plain and boring’ but the second time around, the sun was out, the lighting in the office was good and my camera flash did a great job capturing the hosiery to its full potential!


The Look & Feel: is amazing. You can tell Trasparenze has great quality behind it. They feel super soft and really smooth to touch; even getting them on I kept telling my hubby to touch it!! The best part is that your legs slide off one another with ease too, so chaffing legs is not a problem here ladies (and men!). Like I said before I love the way they just glisten and add that extra something special to your legs, even if it is a plain Jane outfit that you’re wearing – these tights will help set it off!


Wiggle Those Toes: with plenty of room! Some pairs of hosiery I have to say can be quite tight around the toes, but I couldn’t say that was the case with these. I had enough wiggle and breathing room (even if I didn’t in my shoes!) for my toes to move around freely. It’s nice once in a while if you’ve been on your feet all day just to slip off your shoes and just give those toes a wiggle to revive them again, and with these you can do that! I love the fact that they have the sandal toes on them – makes it more easy to pair up shoes with now that Summer is on the way! I know they aren’t reinforced as I would like them to be, but I do have to say that these have lasted well! My nails are growing once again and have been ripping through a few pairs over the past week, but being in these TWICE for the whole day, not a single snag or rip!



That brings me onto the snagging – there isn’t any and seen if there was, you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell. I know I have got light legs, so it works fine for me. But people with darker legs would need to watch out for snagging as it would show. I’ve managed to actually keep them snag-free for a change seeing as my finger nails just wants to keep catching onto them all the while!


Look At That Belt: and how damn sturdy it is too! I absolutely am in love with these as it has to be one of the best suspender tights I have tried yet. The last pair was all sheer and did end up snagging in the end but with these, they have been so good to me. One thing I love about these and that I haven’t found before is that they sit so lovely under the bum. I pulled mine quite high as I didn’t want it sitting low for work, and where it curves, that is where it sat under my bum and it gave it such a lovely perky shape (hence the little bend over there!) I do have a small tushy (which I am proud of by the way!) but this just helped enhance the ‘roundness’.



What Do I Think?

They are damn gorgeous and I am so glad that I have these as part of my hosiery collection. I just wish I had found them sooner! I love the style of them, I love the way they look on my legs and I certainly love the way they make me feel! I mean who knew that plain nude tights could make a woman feel so damn good?!

Thank you UKTights for these amazing pair! I would advise you all to grab yourself a pair whilst you can!


6 thoughts on “Trasparenze Strip-Panty Suspender

  1. They look quite lovely, and you’ve reviewed them for us nearly completely. The only thing I’m left wondering is how they compare to the series of crotchless nylons that you reviewed just a couple of weeks ago since they seem so similar.

  2. Bingo!
    This is without doubt my favourite of all your posts.
    The quality, the colour, the shine, the shape, the sexiness, the everything.
    These have it all.
    Im even prepared to bet they make a gorgeous swish sound when you move in them too 🙂
    Wonderful in every possible way.

  3. So i feel that i have to keep updating my top blog/pics , and time after time -night after night you keep topping yourself as well as mine. Please –I beg you to never stop. Your truly amazing!!

  4. These tights are gorgeous. They make a statement and are extremely sexy. Love them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us Soni.

  5. Let me start by saying that truely love the tan/nude tights, and especially love the shine! Your pairing of the nude color with the black skirt is esquisite, nicely done. These, and of course you, are fantastic!