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Trasparenze Sax

And here we have a stunning pair that is a right head turner today!

Thank you to my follower who gifted these – absolutely stunning (and you have amazing taste) *wink wink*


My Outfit Today

To make it fun as well as sexy, I went with a striped t-shirt with my grey bodycon skirt and my black shoes that I swapped a big bow with ribbon to funk it up a tad.

I could have easily done a flowy dress but as the weather was nice and I haven’t worn stripes in a while, I thought why not?

My Deets:
T-Shirt: H&M

Bodycon Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon (The review is up on the blog, you just have to keep scrolling through!)


So onto the review:

Packaging was absolutely awesome as it normally is – shows off the design really well on the model and also shows the actual product at the back through a peephole.

They were wrapped around the cardboard – so no issues there for me and also showed other products from their newest collection (which I will be buying soon)!

They are packed folded vertically where you can see they are subtly shaped to your legs – makes it easier to get on!

They can be a little difficult to line up at the back but I always do the upside pose or roll over on the bed to make sure that they are in line so I don’t need to mess with them so much once I’ve rolled them on. Oh by the way – easy to get over anklets too!

They have reinforced toes which lead onto the foot design underneath and then into the back seam – I love the way they have done that. in these shoes you can see the under-foot design peering through the side!!

They do have a lovely waistband on them – however I have felt them slipping down a bit today under this skirt, so not too sure if it’s a good idea to wear with bodycon that might push it down or wiggle it when moving.

It is such a beautiful design they have on there – very little going on but such a statement piece I have to say. From the foot to the thighs, they have a lot going on for them and others have noticed that too, especially when my skirt is moving upwards as I walk around! The shimmer on these is just magnificent too – I did 2 pictures where the light hit them and you can see the difference! In normal light, they just look like I haven’t got tights on, but when the sun is on them, they really so sparkle and shine!

It doesn’t state the denier anywhere on the packaging, but I am putting these down as 20s because of the thickness they are. Good enough for it not to snag so easily.

Speaking of snagging, I did manage to get one, although I did walk through a bush from the car this morning which caught it ever so slightly. The best part is that you can’t really tell where it has been snagged as it’s so skin-tone like!!


My overall decision? These are damn sexy and I think you should buy a pair. If you’re confident to walk out with them on, the bedroom is another good place to try them out and see what your partner thinks! I even teamed them up with my trainers and they went so well with the outfit!!!


One thought on “Trasparenze Sax

  1. I do love seams and I’ve got to say you’ve made these ever so playful teaming them up with trainers.
    Saying that they do seem a tad busy at the back thighs. Mmm jury is out on these 😳