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Trasparenze Sara Stockings

Now let’s take it back to basics with my Trasparenze stockings. Sometimes nothing beats a pair of simple low denier stockings to make your outfit stand out.

As much as I love my patterned and bold hosiery, I do like to switch it so my outfit is a statement piece and the hosiery is in the background doing its thing.

The Spec

Colour: Nero – Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Nylon, 15% Lycra

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Sara Stockings

My Outfit


My Deets

Dress: Mango

Stockings: Trasparenze

Shoes: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Attractive stockings that are perfect for the woman who loves to wear nice hosiery for work. Reasonably priced for every day wear but good looking enough to feel special in them. Flat tops that lie close against your skin and a sheer 20 denier appearance with a soft luster and a reinforced toe.

Please note: The manufacturer has made changes to this item and they no longer bare the Trasparenze signature.

* 20 denier
* Soft sheen finish
* Reinforced toe
* Soft welt top
* 85% Nylon
* 15% Lycra


The Packaging: so not much I can really say about the packaging. The model on the front wears the stocking on the front, with the back going into very little detail about the pair inside. When you get in, you will find these folded so you get the foot and leg shape to it around card which helps you get your hosiery on (basically great if you’re new and want to know how to prolong the pair)


Getting Them On: I’m just gonna let the video below do its thing below…


On The Legs: oh these are so gorgeous and just works for any occasion! I found these are not only practical, but they are great to wear from morning to night without any issues.

The quality of these are fabulous; until I got home and managed to make a little snag which I was super annoyed about as they have been pristine all day! Otherwise they have been great and ideal!

The fit of them are true to size and there is a lovely amount of stretch in them too; I normally wear my stockings quite high up the leg, so I normally go a tug test to make sure that these can sit where I want them to without any hassle (and they did – YAY!) Even the bands have a nice bit of elastic in them to really hug your thighs without feeling too tight or looking like they have been squeezed to death.

The feel are so soft and really nice; this is what makes them work from day to night because of how you feel in them and how well they treat you too. They are a lovely silky texture with a gorgeous smooth finish to them, and the best thing is that they are semi-matte so you get a lovely silhouette look and it even makes your legs look slimmer too!


The Toes & Ankle: now the toes have that lovely bit of reinforcement to them, but it will make it hard to wear with open toe sandals. You may be able to get away with wearing peep toes but as long as it’s small. I wore my courts as I wore this outfit to work so it was fine for the day. I would have switched to small peep toe sandals for the evening to really enjoy them.

There was no pressure added around the toes or feet and there was plenty of room to breathe and wiggle too.

Around the ankles, you can see this lovely smooth finish!


The Bands: are so soft and so nice on the thighs, it actually felt like I wasn’t wearing any. They aren’t that silky material that can be hard to grip, but a super soft yet delicate welt which really made these a joy to be in.

I used my 6 strap belt with these instead of my 4 strap just to hold them up throughout the day (with 4 sometimes it can be a pain) and I had no issues at all. They are great and really do widen where needed to make sure that you get a flush finish on the legs.



My Thoughts?

I loved being in this pair, and I would certainly recommend them. They are affordable, they are amazing quality and they really do serve you well no matter when or where you wear them. I really do love mine and these will certainly be a pair that I will cherish!

4 thoughts on “Trasparenze Sara Stockings

  1. Lovely stockings and outfit! But when wearing a fitted dress are you thinking of the bumps from your suspender showing through? Do people comment? I’m always quite aware, I usually only wear suspenders with looser, flowing skirts. Maybe I should try it though! xxx